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When will ‘Bridgerton’ season 4 be released and will it be about Benedict Bridgerton?

While we're currently swept away and preoccupied by the blossoming love affair between Penelope and Colin, we must ask, what happened to Benedict Bridgerton and his season?

If we follow the order of Julia Quinn's Bridgerton novels, as all seasons so far have, season 3 of Bridgerton should have been Benedict's season where he finds love. The tallest Bridgerton brother with his chestnut hair and Bambi brown eyes, and artistic skills that have all the women in Bridgerton wanting to be painted by him, he is quite the fan favourite. So, we're not surprised that some fans are wondering if he will ever get his season and find the love of his life?

Below, we tell you everything there is to know about Benedict Bridgerton, Season 4 and if he will get his season.


When is the release date for season 4?

Unfortunately, Showrunner Jess Brownell has announced that it will be a 2 year wait till season 4 of Bridgerton. Announcing, with the filming, editing and dubbing in multiple languages, we shouldn't expect the next season till 2026.


Where can I watch season 4 trailer?

As season 4 has not started in production yet, we sadly do not have a trailer yet.


Will Benedict Bridgerton have his season?

Yes, Benedict Bridgerton will be settling down, but not quite yet... the explanation from Jess Brownell, Brigderton's show runner in conversation with Variety on why, is that “We’ve been watching Pen’s crush and seeing how oblivious Colin is to it. That’s a dynamic that you can only play out for so long before something has to change. This really felt like the right time to lean into what’s been set up with them.”

There is no need to fret, as Brownell expressed Benedict is such "a fun character and such a fan favourite that we are really excited to play with him for a little bit more and let him have more fun before he settles down." A good sign to assure us that Benedict Bridgerton will be getting a season.



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When will his season be?

As expressed above, there is no confirmation on when his season will be, as of yet. But season 4 of Bridgerton has been confirmed by Netflix, so perhaps this will finally be his season. Stay tuned to find out if it will be.


What is his storyline?


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If you haven't read the book that's ok, but we are about to share a spoiler, so proceed with caution.

If the storyline follows the novels, we can expect to see Benedict, played by Luke Thompson, falling in love with Sophie Beckett, the illegitimate daughter of an earl, made to become a servant by her stepmother. They first meet at a ball his dear mama hosted, but when the clock strikes midnight she flees the scene and is never to be seen, to Benedict's dismay. Until, two years later when Sophie was rescued by Benedict from a terrible situation, and a few weeks later she is appointed as the Bridgerton girl's Lady maid. In such close proximities, you would think they might just fall in love... quite the Cinderella story.



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