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‘Bridgerton’s’ new prequel might be the best love story yet

Bridgerton's prequel might be the best love story yet

Each season of Bridgerton is known for one of two things: either you're watching for the gorgeous corsets and other Regency-inspired period costumes, or you're glued to the screen exclusively for the steamy romances central to each season's plot. We fell in love with season one's star-crossed Daphne and Simon, and melted for season two's Antony and Kate. But while we await the show's third season (and news of whose courtship we'll follow this time around), we have been given the gift of a prequel series.

The one-off mini series Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story follows the love story between a not-yet-queen Charlotte and a young King George III of England (if you were wondering, yes, it is that mad King George from Hamilton) as they navigate their young marriage, and George's tragic struggle with his mental health. Bridgerton show creator Shonda Rhimes was back behind the wheel for Queen Charlotte, emphasising that the show is not a docu-series, despite being based on historical figures.

Now hear us out. We know that the very idea of a prequel series can be divisive – and rightfully so. When they are done ineffectually, as they so often are, they can taint the perfection of the beloved cinematic universe we originally connected with, but Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story has already got fans smitten over its central couple, some even daring to say it outshines the Bridgerton series entirely.

Here are some of our favourite netizen hot takes so far.


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Where can I watch it?

All six episodes of the Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story prequel series will be available on Netflix from 4 May 2023.


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