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Sarah Snook is starring in this Australian horror, just in time for the ‘Succession’ finale

It's hard to imagine Sarah Snook topping the horror of playing an emotionally unavailable girlboss fighting to inherit an alt-right empire that is Shiv Roy in Succession. But in the forthcoming Australian thriller, Run Rabbit Run, it looks like she's outdone herself.

What is Run Rabbit Run about?

In the new Netflix trailer for the film, we catch our first glimpse of Snook as a recently divorced mother called Sarah, who becomes increasingly troubled by her daughter's strange behaviour. When young Mia believes herself to be Alice, the sister of Sarah who disappeared when she was seven years old – the same age Mia is now, Sarah descends into a state of madness and according to the film's logline, must confront her "family's painful past".

Who else is involved?

Aside from Sarah Snook, there are a handful of other actors involved in what is largely an Australian production. Newcomer Lily LaTorre will play Mia, meanwhile Greta Scacchi, Damon Herriman, Julia Davis, Shabana Azeez, Georgina Naidu and Trevor Jamieson are also onboard the film. Daina Reid is in charge as director and Hannah Kent is responsible for the script. Given that the film was snapped up by Netflix on the first day of Sundance Film Festival 2023, at a time when all eyes were on the streamer's spending after it hemorrhaged hundreds of thousands of subscribers in 2022, we have a feeling they're betting Run Rabbit Run will be a success. Whether it can muster up a reputation to match The Babadook is a different question entirely.

Release date

The good news is there's not a huge wait time between now and Run Rabbit Run landing on Netflix. The thriller is set to drop of June 28.


As mentioned, lock your eyes on the newly released trailer for Run Rabbit Run below. Sinister stuff, huh?

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