October is astrological chaos: a Halloween Blue Moon and Mercury Retrograde arrive this month

Crescent moon

If you were hoping that October might offer a reprieve, I'm sorry to say that we're not quite out of the woods just yet.

October is astrological chaos, with some of the biggest astrological events in history coincide. Saturn Retrograde has just finished up on September 29, but there plenty of other major events ready to throw us off tilt.

The first event of course is the October 2020 Harvest Full Moon which reaches us on October 1. It's a fiery one as it falls in Aries and may cause tensions and increase anger and aggression. Of course, if you follow astrology, you'll know that this is one of two Full Moons in October. This month plays host to a second Full Moon - a phenomenon known as a 'Blue Moon'.

The adage 'once in a Blue Moon' comes from the truth that Blue Moons are indeed very rare. Only occurring once every one to three years. But what is most interesting about this Blue Moon is that it falls on Halloween. It's the first time this has happened in over 75 years.

While Halloween is often dismissed by many Australians, it's undeniable that this day is significant. It's an occasion that cultures all across the world have celebrated for centuries, completely independently of each other. Perhaps a coincidence? But consider this, the Celtic pagans celebrate Samhain, pre-year-700 Christians celebrate All Hallows Day, pre-Colombians Aztecs dating back 2,500-3000 years had a celebration and of course Mexican cultures celebrate Day of the Dead - all within two to three days of each other.

Full Moons are considered amplifiers. Peaks that bring forth a climax of energy. So a Full Moon on Halloween, a day where the barrier between two worlds is said to be the thinnest, is a recipe for some seriously intense energy.

We're not done yet. Unfortunately, we're still living under the frustration of the current Mars Retrograde. Mars is the warrior planet, one that rules our passion and desire to take action. With this planet in retrograde, it's been harder for us to be active and decisive - and for some, even your libido may have suffered as a result. This time won't finish up until November 13, so we'll be dealing with this energy for the whole month of October.

Then of course we have our little friend Mercury. Mercury will be heading back into retrograde on October 14 - which is extremely bad timing given the state of the world. Mercury rules transit; movements from A to B. So, when this planet is in retrograde it affects everything from personal communication, technological communication, travel and even things like the post. With so many of us relying on new forms of communication, travel and postal services to work and live, it's not ideal. Especially with an American election looming that will require mail-in-ballots.

But as always, the guidance for Mercury Retrograde is to be patient and build in extra time for travels where possible. It's not a problem if you can plan around it.

All these forces at work can seem like a grim picture, but of course, all of the energy surrounding us is entirely what we make it. Take the fiery Aries energy from the first Full Moon and channel it into something creative. Use the Halloween Blue Moon to connect more deeply with your spiritual side. Mars Retrograde and its inhibiting nature can offer some time for reflection before acting hastily. And, use Mercury's Retrograde as a time to practice patience.

You've got this.


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Image: Unsplash