What you need to know about the current Mars Retrograde

Mars Retrograde

By now, most of us will have heard all about Mercury Retrograde - a time where Mercury appears to move backwards in the sky. This is said to cause all sort of issues and delays, since Mercury rules transit. Communications are slower and become muddled. Travel delays and cancellations are rife. You may even feel more forgetful.

But of course, Mercury is not the only planet that can move into retrograde. Saturn is currently in retrograde in Capricorn, something which is said to bring momentous change. And we're also currently dealing with Mars in retrograde which began on September 9 and will finish on November 13. But is Mars backspinning through the sky something that we need to concern ourselves with?


What is Mars Retrograde?

Like when other planets are in retrograde, a Mars Retrograde is when Mars appears to move backwards through. Of course, it's not actually moving backwards, but due to our position in the Solar System is will appear to move back. It's likely that you haven't heard of this one before, and that's because Mars Retrogrades are a little rarer than the rest. They only happen once every one to two years.

All planetary retrogrades are said to have an affect based on the ruling aspects of that particular planet. Mars is the warrior, the planet that rules aggression, ego, war and passion. As such, during the Mars Retrograde, these aspects of of ourselves and others.


What can we expect during Mars Retrograde?

You'll find that you may feel less inspired to take action. It's a chaotic combination given that we're at such a pivotal point in human history. Action and passion is something we need right now, but this retrograde may be making many of us feel sluggish and unwilling to put ourselves on the line.

The frustration is compounded by the fact that Mars is currently sitting in Aries. Of course the ruling planet of Aries is Mars - Aries is a fiery sign that demands action. For many, we will feel the desire to move forward but suffer the unwillingness to take the leap. It's an especially frustrating combination. And for anyone with an Aries theme in their astrological charts, prepare to be especially affected by this chaotic situation.

Since Mars rules passion, you may also experience a lower libido, feel lethargic and generally drained of energy.


How can we manage and channel positivity during this particular retrograde?

Well, there is some good news. Unlike Mercury Retrogrades which can affect the transits around us, Mars Retrograde will primarily affect internalised emotions - passion, anger, frustration. And since these feelings are inside you, you are still the one in control.

If you are hesitant to take action, use the time to think and consider. If you are feeling drained, use the time to take a break and look after yourself. You can use your lack of energy and any hesitations you have as a time to work on yourself and find some moments of self care.

It's likely that the next part of the year will inspire us to fire up again, so use your downtime for yourself. Lean into this slump and make the most of it.

Just remember that this can be a frustrating time for everyone, so always remember to be kind. Don't take your frustrations out on others.


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