Here’s what you can expect from Mercury Retrograde in June

mercury retrograde

Whether you like it or not, a new Mercury Retrograde is coming.

This particular retrograde will run from June 18 to July 12 - and bring with it the classic delays, changes and troubles in communications. But this retrograde will also offer something a little different from the last few.

We spoke to astrologer Srna Vuckovic to find out a little more about what's in store for us in the coming June 2020 Mercury Retrograde.

What can we expect from this particular retrograde?

The upcoming retrograde falls in the sign of Cancer from June 18 to July 15. Mercury in Cancer will remain until August 4, so we have themes related to family ties for quite some time - Cancer rules the stomach, so we aim to 'go with our gut' during this phase. Cancer also rules belonging and our roots, so we tend to want to be homebodies in this time.

As Mercury is in retrograde in a cardinal sign, we're more likely to have big ideas and we are more initiating of original mindsets. Mercury in Cancer is insular, so it's a great period to nurture ourselves and emotionally communicate with those around us. Now would be the time to explore more sympathetic situations and review them, see if you gave them enough space when they first came around. Naturally, as Cancer is such an empathetic and sensitive sign, we are a lot more forgiving and nostalgic too - if you've recently broken up with a partner, it may be on your mind to reach out. Or, if you haven't stopped thinking about someone in a long time, you would be more inclined in this retrograde to reach out and try to right some wrongs.


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What is a Mercury Retrograde? 

About three or four times a year, Mercury appears to move backwards in the sky for close to 3 weeks. Mercury is the planet that rules many different things from messages, to education, the telephone and communication of all sorts. The reason I say 'appear' is because in fact no planet moves backwards, it just creates an illusion from earths point of view.

In Vedic astrology, Mercury is a well defined important planet that measures the intellect of an individual. For me, it really resonates with how someone thinks, reasons and rationalises. Mercury is the planet of wit and fast thinking and so when it retrogrades, people see certain bumps in the road in regards to business dealings, contracts, home loans, and idle gossip. It is the most common planet to turn retrograde, so although certain hiccups are felt, it's pretty much part of our normal yearly cycle here on Earth. Delays and challenges are more probable and we tend to rethink previous ideas and decisions. It's important to always look at what house the Retrograde is transiting in, because that will tell you a more personal overview of how and where you may feel friction most.


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What typically happens to us during a retrograde?

People tend to go with it as little or as much as they care for Astrology, being an Astrologer, I know and feel very real consequences of Mercury Retrograde. For example, I'll be more forgetful, accidents in the car are more likely to happen and without doubt ex-partners or former flames tend to reach out. It's different for everybody as we all have our own personal natal chart that will be affected by what house the Retrograde falls in.

Generally speaking, Mercury makes for very slow buying and selling, negotiating, document signing. People are generally discouraged from engaging in important business decisions or launching a new projects, often we will feel a little off about something, yet we can't put our finger on it - that is a good time to look up if Mercury is retrograde, and you may just be more intuitively observant.

Of course, it's not all bad, good things come out of Mercury Retrograde too, like for example, as Gemini and Virgo sun signs that are ruled by this planet, people of this sun sign might feel more in tune, aligned and busy than normal. It's a great time for rest and reflection, or just getting re-organised. For others, it can be a good time to mull over certain feelings and hear an ex friend or lover out.


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What should we look out for? What should we be cautious of during this time?

Usually Mercury retrograde in the sign of Cancer means our thoughts and feelings get muddled, we can mess up what we're trying to say and we are more sensitive than usual. People should look out for that touchy feeling they get around certain subjects and conversations, that then leads them to retreat and potentially feel lonely. Cancer at times can also use it's manipulative powers to get what they want, and in a retrograde sometimes the shadow side of a sign is accentuated, so it's important to be aware and know when you're being a little too "intense".

This transit however is really good for domestic life, and so home projects that need a little love get the attention they deserve now. You might also be more open than usual or more understanding, seeing all sides to an emotional story, that was too hard to contemplate before hand. It's a good time for reunions, but be careful of buying homes or selling in this time. You may realise when retrograde is over July 15 that the space isn't all it cracked up to be or vice versa.