Mercury’s in retrograde, but astrologer Chani Nicholas advises us to chill

On the highway of the stars, we've reached that familiar time of year again. Are we being fooled? Or is Mercury hitting the reverse? We’ll take just about any excuse to make sense of our blurry Monday at this point.

While we frantically load our Co-Star app for answers, astrologer Chani Nicholas also arrives on the scene, just in time to remedy our Mercury misconceptions.

Mercury is the planet of communication, so the way we talk, think and learn are hanging in her balance. But Nicholas won’t go so far as to let us believe that this retrograde explains our dodgy Wi-Fi, or failed business deals. Rather, in looking at Mercury’s position in our own planetary chart, we can approach the event as something common, and a point of unique reflection.

For something we hear about so much, we know little of its true power. “It’s been blamed, and picked on, and it becomes the repository for everything,” Nicholas laughs, and explains that, just like an adjacent car, seemingly slow on the highway, we speed past in November flurry. We might take a minute to figuratively double take, but we ultimately keep driving. Mercury might look to be reversing from here, but it's chaos is only in the eyes of the beholder.

In reality, it’s probably just time for another espresso (or kombucha hit), rather than a cancelled meeting or an existential crisis. Watch the full film below, captured by videographer Lilli Boisselet.