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Astrology 101: watch and learn with Chani Nicholas

"Astrology is a language of archetypes - that's why it goes so well with music, that's why it goes so well with fashion ... it's a way of seeing the world, it's a way of seeing self."

To say L.A.-based astrologer Chani Nicholas has struck a chord is an understatement. She’s amassed a 270+k Instagram following, is endorsed by Oprah (Nicholas is's resident astrologer) and has recently been recruited by music streaming giant Spotify to curate their new Cosmic Playlists - a monthly horoscope in music form, designed to inspire, incite reflection or simply for your weekend lounge room soirée.

Whatever image you have in your mind regarding what an astrologer might look or sound like, Nicholas (refreshingly) shatters the mould. Her feet are planted firmly on the ground, and she talks passionately about social justice while dispelling any clichés about the study of planetary movements, and utilises meme culture to demonstrate characteristics of each sign.

During her recent stint in Sydney celebrating the launch of Cosmic Playlists, we caught up with Nicholas to talk all things astrology, including that pesky Mercury Retrograde, Saturn Return and the unique relationship between music and the stars (captured by videographer Lilli Boisselet).

Watch below, and discover your own Cosmic Playlist here.