What to expect from the Harvest Full Moon in October

harvest moon

October is going to be a very full and chaotic month.

Mercury Retrograde arrives on October 14 and we're still amidst the Mars Retrograde. To top it off, not only will we experience a Blue Moon - the occurrence of the second Full Moon inside of a month - but this Blue Moon will land on the evening of Halloween. Spooky.

But the first Full Moon of October is full of energy - and it will be our choice on how to use it. This Moon is the Harvest Full Moon, the one closest to the autumn/spring equinox on September 22. It's one of the few Full Moons in the calendar that doesn't take its name from Native American folklore. Instead this Full Moon literally signals the farming harvest season according to the Old Farmer's Almanac.

For us in Australia, the Harvest Full Moon will arrive on Thursday October 1 - although it will technically reach its fullest point early on the morning of Friday October 2. This is always a time where emotions and events reach a pinnacle, a climatic point - and this Full Moon will be intense.

The 2020 Harvest Moon falls in Aries, so prepare yourself for passion, fire and even some drama. The rising of Full Moon will bring peak Aries energy, that means you'll feel headstrong and even a little aggressive. You may feel bolder and your passionate side will expose itself. It's an intense energy to be hit with, especially since the current Mars Retrograde has been holding many of us back from action. So it can be really easy lean into pent up aggressions. You may want to throw caution to the wind and let the overzealous energy from this Aries Moon help you air your frustrations.

But it's ill-advised. We're still in the middle of Libra season, a time that calls for balance and pragmatism. You'll be better served if you think before you speak. Not that you need to bottle up your emotions. But don't let warrior Aries entice you into conflict that you would normally resolve peacefully. Think on your frustrations before you air them. Take extra time to consider and be willing to compromise.

Try and redirect your energy into something productive. This Full Moon will give us an energetic jolt and it can be put to good use. Start at a new gym. Experiment with cooking. Get outside and be social - safely of course. And take the time to prepare for the month ahead. We've still got two retrogrades and Blue Moon to get through!

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