How the New Moon in Scorpio will affect you this November

After the tumultuous and frankly highly-stressful events of the last few weeks, we are very happy to be receiving the cleansing energy from a New Moon this week. This particular New Moon greets us at 4pm on November 15, this coming Sunday.

New Moons are always times of new beginnings, a palate cleanse for the new moon cycle ahead. And this one couldn't come at a better time given the emotional experience that was the US election - and let's not forget the intense Halloween Blue Moon. Mercury Retrograde came to a close and the Mars Retrograde is winding down too, wrapping up on November 13, and we are certainly ready to invite in some new and restorative energy into our lives.

Our coming New Moon falls in the sign of Scorpio, aligning with the Sun which is also in Scorpio until November 22. Scorpio is a sign that governs many intense aspects of life such as death, sex and money. So, you may feel the New Moon bringing restorative energy into these areas of your life. Prepare to feel refreshed and renewed, and feel stressful situations come of a natural close.

While many may feel intimidated by the aggression and heat of Scorpio as a sign, remember, this sign also rules rebirth. Scorpio has a unique ability to transform thinking and all sorts of situations. You'll find that many of the Scorpios in your life have the ability to reframe a negative experience into something wonderfully positive. Which is honestly exactly the energy we all need as we approach the close of the calendar year.

To make the most of this New Moon, it's important to go in with an open mind and be ready to accept what you are given. Understand that change and transformation is necessary for growth and welcome it with open arms. Try to use this time to let go of anxiety and negativity and instead focus on the resoundingly positive changes that are in store.

Like we said, Scorpio rules death, sex and money - some of the most important aspects of life. Prepare for a shake up, but one for the better.

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Image: Unsplash