What to expect from the intense Halloween Blue Moon

Full Moon

Really, it seems only fitting that the year 2020 would play host to one of the rarest and most chaotic celestial events - a Halloween Blue Moon.

A Blue Moon of course is not actually blue in colour. Much like the April Pink Moon, the name finds its origins in folklore. A Blue Moon is special because it is the occurrence of a second Full Moon inside of a calendar month. Since the moon cycle is 29.5 days, experiencing two Full Moons in a month is rather rare. It only happens once every two to three years, hence the saying, 'once in a Blue Moon.'

But what about a Blue Moon occurring on Halloween? Well, as you can imagine, that's even rarer. In fact, the last time it happened was 75 years ago. The Moon will be at its fullest at 1:49am in the early hours of November 1, but we will get a spectacular look as it rises in the sky on the evening of October 31.

The energy from this event is powerful. Ordinarily Full Moons are always times of illumination, the moving of buried secrets or feelings to the surface and a climax of the energy we've been feeling across the current moon cycle. But this one in particular has a few extra things in store for us.


Energy of from the Hunter Full Moon

Called the Hunter Moon - the one that falls directly after the Harvest Moon - this Blue Moon brings us a mix of energies.

This particular Blue Moon falls in the sign of Taurus, which is actually welcome reprieve. Taurus is a sign of simplicity. Enduringly pragmatic, dedicated and earthy, the energy from this Taurus moon will help us find balance in the messy Scorpio season we find ourselves in the middle of. Of course, Taurus is a sign known for stubbornness. Try not to give into this energy and instead focus on your heightened appreciation for beauty. Enjoy music, delve into your creative pursuits and use this energetic boost to its full advantage.

One thing in particular to be cautious of is the influence of Uranus, a planet of change and surprises. It's angle to both the Moon and Sun at this time means that we will need to prepare for change and expect the unexpected.


The influence of Halloween

Where things really start to simmer is when we look at the peculiar timing of this Full Moon - Halloween. Of course many will not put too much stock into this day. But when delving into history, it's undeniable that there is something more to this event than costumes and pumpkins.

Halloween is said to be a day when the divide between the world of the living and the other side is at its thinnest. During this time, we're more easily able to connect with the spirits and the dead - or so folklore says.

So, where did this days come from? Well, it might interest you to know that several ancient civilisations across different eras and completely different regions - with no means to communicate with each other - have a celebration at this time.

We start with the 2000-year old Celtic pagans who used to celebrate Samhain on October 31 and November 1 - an event marking a descent into the 'dark' half of the year and a time when it was said that the barrier between physical and spirit worlds would break. 9th century A.D christians of the Roman Empire celebrated 'All Souls Day' on November 1. Then of course there is the Mexican holiday of Day of the Dead, which we note is a culturally distinct celebration that is different from Halloween. But its timing is interesting. It's a three-day-long celebration from October 31 - November 2 where the dead are said to be able to come back and visit their families. The celebrations actually date back 3000 years to the Colombian Aztecs.

History tells us that this day is significant, a time where perhaps where the barriers of our physical world may thin. Coupled with the climatic and illuminating energy of a Full Moon, this may be a time when we're most in touch with our spiritual selves. We may have an increased intuition and connection beyond what is tangible and physical. Spooky.

The key takeaways? Embrace the balance from Taurus, prepare for change from Uranus and expect some spooky surprises.


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