Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn: 2020 explained by astrology

pluto saturn jupiter in capricorn

What is going on this year? Astrologer Jules Ferrari says it's a question she's been asked a lot lately. Perhaps unsurprisingly, 2020 is a big year in astrology. Largely due to the fact that Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto are all passing through the sign of Capricorn this year.

"There's a lot happening now in the sky and I've received quite a few questions about that," says Ferrari.

"The overarching [question] is essentially, what the f*ck is happening right now, cosmically?"

"Heaps," Ferrari says. "So much is happening. 2020 is a year that astrologers have been hypothesising about for decades. And what's so significant about what's happening right now is the coming together of three of the real big guns: Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto - in Capricorn."

That means that these planets are passing through the section of the sky or zodiac where the constellation of Capricorn is located.

"From a collective sense, Capricorn represents society. The structures of society at large," says Ferrari. And whether it's Jupiter's part in cancel culture or Saturn helping us to visualise a new future, the planets are aligned to what we're going through right now.


Pluto in Capricorn: illuminating dark truths

"Having Pluto conjunct Saturn, it's essentially a period where the curtains of society are dropping, or have dropped. And we're essentially going through a very Plutonic experience right now."

Pluto, says Ferrari, represents what goes on in the darkness. And this year, much of that is coming to the surface. "So that's everything from the Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislain Maxwell saga essentially. The hardcore corruption and negative power influences that are coming to the surface, things like that. It's everything hardcore that's happening geopolitically right now amongst certain countries ... it's a very intense play out that we're seeing.

"Pluto really represents death rebirth cycles. So the best way to express it is that society is essentially going through a chrysalis period."


Cancel culture? Blame Jupiter in Capricorn

"It's quite interesting with Jupiter making relationship to [Pluto and Saturn]. This is sort of happening all throughout the year: these planets are getting closer and further and closer towards each other. So there's been some points where the tension is very very strong but, man, it's hitting us in so many different directions."

"Jupiter's cool because in this sense it's really enabling us to envision or cast out and see the possibilities of what can be for society going forward. But at the same time, Jupiter can very much play out in a negative. It's a lot to do with dogma: my truth is the truth. My way or the highway. There's a lot of that happening in society at the moment. There's a lot happening around freedom of speech, and things like cancel culture are a really good example of this Jupiterian influence taking place within the society structures."


Saturn in Capricorn: a vision of the future

"From a collective sense, Capricorn represents society. The structures of society at large. So having Saturn there is very much its home base," says Ferrari. And, she says, there's some good news.

"There's also that Saturnian influence of the ability to restructure what is being or has been thrown in the fire essentially ... Because of the positives of the Jupiterian and the Saturnian influence, this is a super cool time to be casting out and envisioning what that future may look like for you and at a societal level as well."


This interview was transcribed from our astrology session with Ferrari as part of RUSSH Weekend.

Watch the full session below.



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