What to expect from the New Moon in August – and how to set intentions

New moon

As we prepare to bathe in the warmth of Virgo season, always a welcome balm to soothe the drama of the previous season of Leo and the Sturgeon full moon  - there's one last celestial event to jump. That is, the August new moon.

We know that new moons are a time for new beginnings, a slate wiped clean. So, it's the ideal time to set your intentions for the month ahead.

Brooke Skinner is the creative director of The Ritual - a connected and expansive space which is part meditation and part ritual offering to enhance self-practice. The Ritual offer specialised New Moon Ritual workshops. These involve astrological insight, guidance to set affirmations and intentions with the sign of the moon phase and guided meditation. And Brooke was kind enough to divulge some of her wisdom.

We asked Brooke for her take on the new moon tonight, what we need to be mindful of and how this moon phase can help guide us into the rest of 2020. Here's what she had to say.


What to expect from the new moon in Leo

We have seen the end of the eclipses for now and are still bathing in the cleansing water sign of Cancer. We keep surviving, we keep thriving, we keep moving forward, the pushing forward will continue to flow as long as you let it, as long as you keep getting up and showing up.

On Wednesday the 19th August at 12:41 pm (AEST); Tuesday 18th at 10:41 pm (EST) we welcome the New Moon at 26º in Leo. The beginning of Leo season, the season that sets ablaze our need to find the courage it takes to express ourselves, to be a Queen, to be a King, to be Regal, to be Resplendent, Magnetic. Leo is the magnanimous leader that governs the heart and is ruled by the sun. When we choose to lead with benevolence, scarcity fails.

Leo is energy, the mode of expression, the expression of courage, of confidence and loyalty. It is the sign that enables us to express what needs to be taught, to share the message with everyone and help lead them to do the same. How are you going to lead? What is it about your unique story, the things you have overcome that can help others to do the same? This sign, lights you up from deep within, constantly inspiring you whilst supporting you with the strength to keep going. How can you illuminate what is most meaningful to you? How can you take the stage that will best showcase your unique group of stars?


The impact of Uranus

On August 15th, Uranus went retrograde at 10º in the earth sign of Taurus bringing with it great change, on a personal and a collective level. Uranus is an electrifying planet that correlates with rapid innovation, with unexpected change, and liberation from restrictive circumstances. It consistently incites us to live authentically and embrace whatever makes us inspired. You may have an increased drive to establish yourself in a more concrete way to whatever new direction you have been inspired to take. It is demanding that you make your own priorities number-one. If you’ve been holding on to some feelings, pull the eject button and let them go. Make your needs and desires known, use the courage of Leo to break you free from a situation that’s kept you confined.


How to use this new moon to set intentions

There is a heavy emphasis this lunar cycle on self-encouragement, to work through the obstacles that have been getting in the way of your self-expression, both in your career and in your relationships. Become aware of the areas within your communication that may need some more maturing, blossom a little further. How can you communicate with others without offering opinion, advice and judgment? How can you hold the tongue, the dramatics and ensure the words you are about to speak are of a constructive, clear, concise and positive nature? When we react and speak from a place of scarcity, we breed more scarcity, when we speak from a place of truth, of clarity and self-awareness we create a clearer, more prosperous and abundant life. Everything comes to you because your word is your power. Choose them wisely.


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The Ritual offers classes and connects women (via Zoom for the time being) in a nurturing environment, things which couldn’t be more necessary for this unique moment in time.

For Brooke, the past 10 years have been about refinement, education and reconnecting with senses, body and the divine feminine. From all of this learning, repatterning and self-liberation she found the importance of having rituals. She created The Ritual to be a platform for women, to awaken and deepen their connection to self.

A special for RUSSH readers, you can sign up to The Ritual's monthly Digital Moon Mail service. Moon Mail is a send out, embossed with wax containing insights about the upcoming moon phase, a meditation practice tailored for the month ahead and also affirmations - although it has now become a digital offering with worldwide postage slowing down during the pandemic.

It's usually $11 a month, but you can grab it for free for one month with the code: russh.


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