Andrea Tchacos

Andrea Tchacos

Former Deputy Editor

Andréa Tchacos was formerly the deputy editor at RUSSH Magazine. Beginning her career as a news reporter, having studied a bachelor of arts majoring in journalism and master of international journalism, there's little that excites her more than a well-constructed sentence. She was drawn to RUSSH as it’s the kind of place that still appreciates that kind of thing. To paraphrase Joan Didion, she writes not only to determine what she is thinking – but also what other people are. She is interested in the psychology behind creativity (behind everything). As a fashion commentator she specialises in the intersection of fashion, art and social movement. As an editor she is privileged to curate and champion the vision of the foremost creative minds. Her own ambitions include (but are not limited to) a Leonard Cohen-like existence on an ocean-whipped Greek island.


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