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‘Dune’ hasn’t even hit cinemas yet and Denis Villeneuve is already talking about a second and third film

Dune trailer Zendaya Timothée Chalamet

When the Dune trailer starring Zendaya and Timothée Chalamet dropped in September last year, the internet went into a collective spiral and has remained in one ever since. The adaptation of the Frank Herbert novel is the second film attempt at capturing the chaotic world that lives inside the book's dense pages – (the first was directed by David Lynch in 1984, which is another vibe altogether). But thanks to the global pandemy, us eager fans have had to wait longer than we would have liked to see it all play out on screen.

Despite Denis Villeneuve's 2020 adaptation still awaiting a release, the director has already hinted at his plans for both a second and third instalment in the series. Which, already seems like a lot; but at least we know the man is committed!

The upcoming film; which is set to finally drop on October 21, sees Chalamet as Paul Atriedes, Oscar Isaac as Duke Leo Atriedes and Zendaya as Chani. We get to meet all these characters in the first Dune trailer below, along with Jason Momoa as Duncan Idaho - and some all-out sci-fi fantasy intensity.

As we wait for that imminent October release date, here's everything you need to know about Dune; part one, two and possibly three?

What is Dune about?

Dune is set in a far future of humanity on a planet called Arrakis - also known as Dune. It charts a hero's journey centred on Paul Atriedes (Chalamet),  born to a great destiny (although he doesn't know it yet). In it, Paul must travel t0 the hazardous desert planet, the only source of a coveted awareness and life extending drug called melange - to ensure the future of his family and his people.

2020's Dune, covers roughly the first half of Herbert's epic, with a second instalment to come.

According to Chalamet's Paul "Fear is the mind killer." As per the trailer, his hero's journey is epic - featuring enemies en masse, expansive landscapes and giant worms. And a love interest, of course.

Dune was filmed in real deserts - on location in Jordan and Norway. Also impressive is its extensive ensemble cast. Javier Bardem, Rebecca Ferguson, Charlotte Rampling, Josh Brolin and Stellan Skarsgard all make an appearance. As if you needed another reason to see it.

Watch the Dune trailer below


Hints at a Dune sequel?

Dune has not even landed in cinemas, or on HBO Max and director, Denis Villeneuve, is already talking about a part two to the film.

Villeneuve told Italian magazine Il Venerdi,“I can’t wait to shoot the second part of Dune to get Zendaya and Timothée back together, knowing that in the next chapter, Zendaya will be the protagonist of the story.”

If you thought that projecting a part two before the release of the first film was already ambitious enough; Villeneuve has now taken his plans one step further, sharing his vision for a Dune trilogy.

Speaking to CBC’s Radio Canada late last week (August 20), the director shared that he already has hopes of creating a third film based on Frank Herbert’s 1969 Dune sequel. “There is Dune’s second book, Dune Messiah,” he says. “Which could make an extraordinary film.”

“I always saw that there could be a trilogy; after that, we’ll see,” he adds. “It’s years of work. I can’t think of going further than that."

While we're never one to protest an opportunity to see more Zendaya or Timmy on our screens, we're willing to wait until the first part is released before we get our hopes up at a sequel or a trilogy. After all, Dune 2 has not exactly been confirmed.

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Image: via IMBD. Films stills courtesy the distributors, Warner Bros.

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