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Set your 2021 intentions with Harry Styles’ new music video, ‘Treat People With Kindness’


As predicted, ringing in 2021 has not in fact reset the state of the world in any significant manner, other than the opportunity to welcome the new year with a glimmer of joy in the form of a new music video by Harry Styles. The clip is titled Treat People With Kindness and features our favourite multi-hyphenate creative, Phoebe Waller-Bridge starring alongside the musician. If the clip title itself isn't enough to have you setting some personal intentions this year, perhaps the film itself, where Styles and Waller-Bridge dance together in matching suits and vests, will.

The two are pictured in what can best be described as an ambiguous jazz club, where Styles plays the lead singer on stage (of course) and Waller-Bridge an onlooking, martini-drinking punter who happens to be wearing a similar outfit. The entire thing is endlessly joyful, and perhaps the perfect way to trick our brains into thinking 2021 could serve as a significant improvement from the year that was. The pair are dressed head to toe in tailored Gucci whites with matching argyle sweater vests (very of the moment, very Styles) with high waisted white pants and jackets; Waller-Bridge opts for a classic white blazer, while Styles predictably is clad in a silver sequined version, adding to the HNY vibe.

While the beginning of the clip implies that the pair are not acquainted, the narrative swiftly shifts in favour of Waller-Bridge breaking out in a fully choreographed dance duet with Styles, and it's all just so pure it almost hurts. Both look beautiful and angelic and we are ready to follow the sage words of the song title, which was taken from the single on Styles’s most recent album, Fine Line. When we think about it, Styles has been providing us with endlessly joyful music videos, such as Watermelon Sugar and Golden throughout all of 2020, and we can't wait to see what will next follow this most recent masterpiece.

Watch the entire clip, below.

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image: @harrystyles