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Harry Styles ‘Watermelon Sugar’ makes me want to be a summer fruit

This video is dedicated to touching.


After weeks spent in the era of the coronavirus pandemic, Harry Styles has blessed us mere mortals with his sensual and highly suggestive official music video for Watermelon Sugar. I mean, anyone else trying to figure out how they can morph into a piece of summer fruit?

Dedicated to touching, the music video was clearly shot pre-coronavirus restrictions as the entire clip is filled with plenty of bodies hugging, kissing, feeling, touching, and even canoodling if you will. Fingers in the hair, and really not a care on the world.


Taste like strawberries on a summer evenin’.
And it sounds just like a song.
I want more berries and that summer feelin’.
It’s so wonderful and warm.


The clip opens up to Styles sitting alone at a table on an empty sandy beach. The table is adorned with an orange table cloth and simple breakfast delights such as orange juice, coffee, a croissant and of course, a slice of watermelon. Rather seeming to enjoy the watermelon (a lot), it appears Styles is reminiscing on past times of pure joy. The clip then jolts into what seems like a very easy-going beach picnic, with many girls and few boys all over one another whilst enjoying their summer fruits and feeding and kissing Styles (jealous). They even take a break from the sand to line up school picture style on a grassy knoll. How does one get cast for such an event?

The visuals of the clip feel like a bright vintage dream along with a touch of stylised 70s nostalgia. Harry being the fashion king he is, does not disappoint with the outfits. From sweet tinted frames that would make even Elton John jealous, to an orange crochet tank top, a custom Bode party shirt made from 1970s lace, along with our favourite Gucci accessories and washed blue denim jeans. Not exactly beach attire, but we’ll take it.

Watermelon Sugar is one of the 12 songs from Styles’ 2019 Alum Fine Line. While Harry himself has never confirmed the meaning of the song, fans believe it alludes to the joys of oral pleasure. Take what you will from the full clip below.