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Bruises wants you to dance, have sex and feel renewed listening to their new EP

Bruise band

Bruises just released their first four track EP titled Sexymental.

The first single Sexymental and its accompanying moody music video debuted in March, and now we're getting another taste.

The EP included three fresh tracks: Time Travels, Breathing for the First Time and Tender Storm. And yes, all tracks are out and available for your listening pleasure.

Bruises break the codes of pop music by mixing new wave and psychedelic rock to trip-hop. Their unique style has made them a favourite of brands like Gucci and Paco Rabanne. Band members Adah Dylan and Max Sokolinski, create a world that is upbeat, dreamlike, and gives a little escape from normative thinking.

The latest EP is inspired by an ever-changing world, the decline of human relationships and the necessity of transcending anxiety trough art. We spoke with Adah and Max to understand what inspires them and what life is like in isolation.

Tell us a little about the new EP?

Adah: We wrote and recorded this EP in our studio in Paris. It took us a year since the last release we did for our first single, 1992.

Max: This EP is about human relationship and fusional love in a wandering and superficial society.


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What was your inspiration?

Max : We are inspired by the way our generation feel: on one hand, we have more possibilities and awareness than ever. On the other hand, it’s hard to have faith in the future. But the idea isn’t to be all gloomy, we want to be positive and live every moment intensely.


What do you want listeners to take away from your music?

Max : I’d like them to dance to “tender storm”. Escape with “time travels”. Have sex to “sexymental”. Feel renewed with “breathing for the first time”.


How has isolation affected you? Has it changed your creativity?

Adah: Isolation has given us a wonderful opportunity to self reflect, break habits, read even more than usual, and practice instruments . All these things are very conducive to creativity.


What's next for you?

Adah : A new music video in June for the song “tender storm” and then finishing our first full length album.
Max: Don’t worry you’ll know.  We always send to RUSSH first.


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