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Bruises releases its moody film for new track Sexymental

"It all started from the word 'sexymental, that we made up, trying to describe a feeling of intense attraction paired with a loss [of] rationality. It's a mix of obsession and a sense of loss of control."

Bruises, also known as singer-songwriter Maxime Sokolinski and Austrian-American singer Adah Dylan, return with their latest single and film, Sexymental. Described as "60s mellotron meets 90s trip-hop influences and 808 drums," the track is a masterclass in seduction, layered with velvety vocals and sparse piano accompaniment, and the film suits to a tee.

"We like the dark, moody and abstract side of it," Sokolinski explains of the video's inspiration: James Bond films. "We love these opening credits because they are not literal. It's more about painting a picture, and exploring feelings in a visual way, which is what we wanted for this music video."

Of their future plans, Dylan teases a forthcoming debut EP also titled Sexymental, dropping April 6. "We have a few shows lined up in LA ... After that, we'll release a few more music videos and work toward finishing our first LP."