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The art of fashion: Harry Styles for Gucci tailoring

A peculiar existence. An assault on the senses. This is what we have come to expect of Harmony Korine. The eccentric auteur has teamed up with Gucci for the the brand's latest men’s tailoring campaign, taking beloved crooner Harry Styles and transporting him to a wonderfully weird world.

Wandering around a shed full of abandoned busts and marble sculptures, with disconcerting jump cuts to images of geese and piglets running around his feet, Styles is clad in a purple and pink Gucci suit. A versatile garment, ideal for jaunting around with your gang of animals or exploring farm land, it is a part of the latest collection of sartorial pieces by Alessandro Michele.

The campaign film is shot in typical Korine fashion: old VHS camcorder style, with a quirky soundtrack by Softboiled Eggies' Shower In The Rain to match. Reminiscent of some of Korine’s most assaulting films such as Gummo or Trash Humpers, the visual aesthetic of the campaign matches the brand’s ongoing preoccupation with subverting traditional fashion advertising expectations. The colours and film grain make the film punchy, elevating the mundane activities of folding origami and combing a pig onto a new level; that of high fashion.