Watch a bloody and emotional Paul Mescal in Phoebe Bridgers new music video ‘Saviour Complex’


As it would appear that rugged Normal-People-star and the globe's favourite Irish beefcake, Paul Mescal has starred in Phoebe Bridgers new music video, Saviour Complex. 

Speculation arose earlier this year when singer-songwriter Bridgers flew to Ireland mid-pandemic to 'visit' Mescal. Something that die-hard fans found very thrilling indeed, leading to commentary on what this special trip might be all about. Well, now we know, and the added cherry on top of a very cool collaboration, is that Phoebe Waller-Bridge directed the entire clip. PB + PMM + PWB = heaven.

The film takes place on an unidentified Irish coast line, and opens with a shot of Mescal in a suit on the shore looking beaten and bloodied. Very Bond gone wrong energy. As he looks to his left, a tiny, long haired chihuahua is suddenly next to him. Mescal gets up, acknowledging the pup and begins to walk up the dunes, reaching a desolate road where Bridgers passes him in a tractor (?). He then hails down a stranger in a car acting wounded, and after a small wrestle, steals the car from the stranger. The Chihuahua is suddenly in the passenger seat next to him.

Mescal pulls up to a rural hotel and leaves the dog in the car, cracking the window like the softie he is. In a completely bizarre plot twist, Mescal begins to pull his fake (!!) wounds off his face, and opens the door to Bridgers who is dressed as hotel staff, delivering a dog biscuit and glass of water to his room. Suddenly, the teleporting chihuahua is back on the scene, on the windowsill of the hotel room. Mescal comes to accept, and even love the sweet little pooch.

Another plot twist. Perhaps the sweetest scene you've ever laid eyes on of Mescal dozing in a bathrobe, Chihuahua tucked safely under his arm, suddenly disappearing and reappearing by the side of Bridgers who is sitting in the middle of a field, with a vampire cape on (the Chihuahua wears a matching cape), with all of Mescals possessions by her side.

The whole film clip is entirely bizarre, but what would you expect from a trio like this? Either way, Mescal looks hot, Bridgers sounds like an angel, and Waller-Bridge has executed another confusing and provoking narrative. A win, win, win. Watch the clip for Saviour Complex now.


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image: @paul.mescal