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Shoot your shot: ‘Euphoria’ is casting a new lead role for its second season

Euphoria new lead role

If you have ever pictured yourself embroiled in the complex, dark and equally iconic world that is Euphoria, your one and only chance to star alongside the likes of Zendaya and Hunter Schafer may have finally presented itself. A year and a half on from the season 1 finale, (and in heavy anticipation of the second), a new casting notice has reportedly been posted, indicating that HBO Max is on the hunt for a new lead role to enter the Euphoria universe.

As detailed on the casting notice, the cult coming-of-age series is looking to fill the role of Jamieson, a 17-year-old, Black, male/non-binary "outsider" who is described as: "Might have a drug problem, might not. Mischievous. Funny. Unafraid. Sensitive."

Despite the unprecedented success Euphoria has garnered, its first season was met with an equal dose of criticism; many drawing attention to the way a series – which was intended to champion diversity – failed to represent Black characters with any sense of nuance. The role of Jamieson presents a unique opportunity for the show's creator, Sam Levinson, (who is also the man behind Malcolm & Marie), to rectify any previous missteps.

What the news of a new Euphoria lead role has confirmed is that the series is moving along with production of season 2; which, according to the notice, will begin filming on April 5 in Los Angeles. Speaking in an interview late last year, Zendaya confirmed that season 2 had been written, but couldn't be done justice under the current restrictions.

If like us, you're Euphoria content-hungry, the cast treated us to two special bridging episodes to tide us over into season 2. With one specifically focused on Zendaya's character, Rue, and another on Schafer's Jules, you'll want to add these to your immediate watchlist if you haven't already.

Given that the casting notice only just went up, it may be some time before we find out who our Jamieson will be. With nothing to lose, this might just be the time to shoot your shot!

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