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Josh Pyman on his role in ‘Tiny Pretty Things’ and why we need more sex-positive stories

Josh Pyman

Brisbane-bred Josh Pyman is very familiar with the idea of "overnight fame". The Australian thespian graduated from Screenwise just a couple of year before landing a role on one of 2020 biggest shows, Tiny Pretty Things. The series premiered on Netflix on December 14, and within just a few days, Josh and his character Dev Ranaweera were know all over the world.

Following on from the huge wave Tiny Pretty Things success, we spoke to Josh about his life, his inspirations and of course all things about the show. He tells us about the rollercoaster that was 2020, why young people need more diverse and sex-positive stories to relate to and reveals what he knows about season 2 of Tiny Pretty Things.



2020 was a big year for you, how are you feeling?

Some part of me still thinks last year wasn’t real. To be honest, I feel exhausted, yet excited and optimistic. It was such a trying year for me - as I had to uproot my life overseas and come home temporarily. It was a huge adjustment. It was nice to end the year with the release of Tiny Pretty Things, seeing something I worked so hard towards come to life. Hopefully, it brought a lot of happiness into other people’s lives as well.

Josh Pyman

Tiny Pretty Things was such a huge hit, why do you think that was?

I think because we represent so many people. We touch on so many different issues in society and I think that resonated with viewers. Not only that, but it is also a magnificent visual experience. The cinematography and the dancing take it to another level. There is no other show like it.

How do you feel about your character Dev? Is he someone you enjoyed playing?

Dev is a complicated guy. He’s at an age where he’s achieving so much and hasn’t really had the time to figure out who he is yet. For myself as an actor, it’s always a gift to play roles that people identify with and can be inspired by. As the series progresses, you go on this slow journey of self-discovery with Dev. I really enjoyed going on that journey with him, and working him out in the process.

What inspires you? Where do you draw your creative inspiration from?

My close friends really inspire me every day. I am lucky to have a small friendship circle where we all inspire each other and strive to be the best version of ourselves. Seeing them go after it inspires me. I also draw a lot of inspiration from athletes, like LeBron James and Tom Brady and musicians such as J. Cole, to name a few. Creatively, I draw inspiration from incredible performances in film, television or theatre.

We have to ask, is there a Season 2 coming? If so what would you want to see next for Dev and Shane?

I am not sure at this stage, but hopefully. Dev still has a lot to work out in this relationship, and he has a lot of self development to do in order to be the person that Shane needs. I think we’ll see them overcoming more of their differences, and I'd love to introduce either Shane or Dev’s parents into the mix, I think that could be really interesting.

Josh Pyman


Tiny Pretty Things has received a lot of attention for its sex and romance. Do you think it’s important to have more sex-positive stories and diverse romances out there?

I think it is crucial. Sadly, we live in a world where young people have no solid or reliable avenues to learn about sex or relationships. Online porn is the first place many young people go to, which as we know, is inaccurate and objectifying. In TPT, we have characters and storylines that navigate sex and romance in diverse ways. We have characters who embrace their sexuality, others who are still figuring it out, and others who want no part in it. It is so important that we see more sex-positive stories and diverse romances on television. Otherwise, viewers have no reliable place to turn to.

Your character is a hotshot businessman, if you weren’t an actor what would you have been?

I often think about this a lot. I actually wanted to play professional tennis when I was a kid. After High School, I went to University for a year to study business before dropping out of that to study acting. I think If I wasn’t an actor, I’d love to do sports psych or something along those lines.

Josh Pyman


Spoiler alert: A question for the fans, who do you think killed Costa?

Haha your guess is as good as mine. We had NO idea it was even going to happen until we got to the last page of the table read of Episode 10. When we read that final page we were all screaming in shock. It was really funny actually. There are many suspects and many people who had motive. It could be anyone!

What’s next for you? Are there any new projects on the horizon?

There are a few I am currently in the running for, so we’ll see what happens with them. I Don’t want to jinx anything. My goal is to just continue growing as an actor, and the right roles will pop up.

Photography by: Brie Conomos

Styling by: Nyssa Johnston

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