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The data of feeling – with Stanislava Pinchuk

Stanislava Pinchuk

In partnership with Tiffany & Co.


Artist and creative Stanislava Pinchuk says there's strength in staying true to your creative vision. This writer, curator and multidisciplinary artist works with data-mapping the changing topographies of war & conflict zones. So feeling somewhat uncomfortable when creating is part of her experience.

"To feel out of your depth and to feel overwhelmed is such a positive thing," she says

"I think strength means really sticking to your vision and your dream and the absolute rich inner private world that you have."

In collaboration with Tiffany & Co., Pinchuck reveals the more intimate sides of her process and the courage and resistance involved in staying creative in her own way. Watch the film here.



Stanislava Pinchuk also goes by the name Miso. A Ukrainian-born, but Melbourne-based artist, she is one that constantly and consistently travels the world looking for inspiration for her works which have included photography, tattooing and writing. Her tattoo art is some of her recently more well-known works, but she never did it for money. Only ever tattooing her friends in exchange for whiskey or plants.

Her pin-prick designs have caught the attention of some of the biggest names in fashion. And she's been commissioned to create custom tattoo-like designs on jackets for the likes of Cara Delevingne and Gigi Hadid,

Pinchuk found her beginnings in stencilling and street art, but has taken her tattoo-inspired technique into a new medium..  She has moved into making data maps created elegantly and delicately from meticulously pin-pricked patterns on paper.

"Understanding the world viscerally and cerebrally - half emotion, half information. The data of feelings. That’s what really drives me," she said in her recent interview with RUSSH.

"But I think from that comes a great tension - and that’s really where art comes out of. And from tension always comes happiness and dreaming, too. So I always think, it’s strength to survive - but the real strength is to then go even further, to celebrate and find joy."

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