Beauty / Wellbeing

Run away with me: Miso

“Headspace, I need a route out of my headspace.” More and more we find that exercise is essential in living a creative life. Here we speak with artist, Miso, who is involved in Nike’s most recent running campaign #RunByRebels, on how running fits into her life and benefits her creative process.

Destinations / home

Miso in Kiev

From the floral interiors of an overnight train, to the Wes Anderson-esque Hotel International – visual artist Miso captures the beauty of the Ukrainian capital.

Destinations / home

Miso in Tangier

“Tangier had been cropping up in my life in really funny ways – which I guess isn’t too strange for a port city where continents meet, or for a place that has offered artists refuge for so long, or for someone so fixated on textiles & tattooing.” Visual artist Miso, real name Stanislava Pinchuk, offers RUSSH a glimpse into the magic and madness of Tangier, Morocco.