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Dior’s new film ‘Nose’ documents one of the most secret professions in the world

“I am not an artist, I am an artisan.”


Peer into the secret world of fragrance.

Prepare to have your senses ensnared by the latest project from the House of Dior. The House brings us a look at its documentary film Nose: The most secret profession in the world. It's a work which explores the story of François Demachy, Dior's Perfume-Creator.

François is regarded as one of the greatest noses in global perfumery and he is the force behind scent phenomenons such as Sauvage.

Shot over two and half years, the film follows François from his birthplace in Grasse, France - which of course, is known to be the fragrance capital of the world - through to his career as a Nose and the secret craft that is perfumery. Through the documentary, audiences are given an inside look into the fascinating and secretive world of fragrance, a realm that has been largely unknown. For context, there are fewer active perfumers working than there are astronauts. Perfumery is a precious and rare craft.



With Dior Perfumer-Creator François as their guide, directors Arthur de Kersauson and Clément Beauvais went deep into the world of perfumery to uncover how exceptional fragrances are created and produced. The documentary takes audiences from Grasse to Nosy Be, via the island of Sulawesi and the coastlines of Ireland, to discover more.

We are invited to witness a world of beauty - flowers, exceptional raw materials, passionate men and women, extraordinary landscapes, May roses of Grasse, Calabrian bergamot, Indonesian patchouli and Sri Lankan sandalwood. With patience, the film team captures the slow time, the expert techniques, the smiles and silences that have helped give birth to some of the most powerful smells of our time.


An epic cross continent journey, Nose reveals the protected small industries and the unique regions that continue to live on. Along the way, we see those who cultivate these natural wonders, helping precious craftsmanship and traditional expertise endure beyond all else.

You're invited to experience the sensorial journey full of history and soul that is Nose. It's ready and available for you to stream from February 22 2021 on Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV, Google Play and Canal Vod. But for now, you can watch the trailer below.

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