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Emma Stone is a striking Cruella de Vil in the ‘Cruella’ reboot


Remember the days when children's cult animation movies centred around women who wanted to make fur coats out of literal puppies? We do, and Disney has decided to uproot the actually harrowing narrative with a reboot of 101 Dalmatians titled Cruella starring Emma Stone.

While Stone will never compare to Glenn Close's interpretation of the character, Cruella a is a prequel to the original 101 Dalmatians saga, and focuses on Cruella's backstory. Cruella, "is set in 1970s London amidst the punk rock revolution, follows a young grifter named Estella, a clever and creative girl determined to make a name for herself with her designs. She befriends a pair of young thieves who appreciate her appetite for mischief, and together they are able to build a life for themselves on the London streets." A synopsis from Disney reads. "One day, Estella's flair for fashion catches the eye of the Baroness von Hellman, a fashion legend who is devastatingly chic and terrifyingly haute. But their relationship sets in motion a course of events and revelations that will cause Estella to embrace her wicked side and become the raucous, fashionable and revenge-bent Cruella."

In terms of the cast, Emma Thompson will play alongside Stone as the Baroness von Hellman. Craig Gillespie (I, Tonya) will direct, with screenplay writers Dana Fox (The Wedding Date and Tony mcNamara (The Favourite). The story is by Aline Brosh McKenna (The Devil Wears Prada), Kell Marcel (Saving Mr. Banks) and Steve Zissis (Together) with Emma Stone and Glenn Close serving as co-executive producers.

Jenna Beavan, will be heading up costumes, and it's a good thing she's a two-time Oscar winner for her work, because the nothing-short-of-perfect costumes Close's iteration of Cruella leaves some very iconic shoes to fill.

Cruella will be dropping in May 2021, without a specific release date. We are also not across whether the film will be released in cinemas or if it will head straight onto Disney+. You can watch the trailer, below.

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