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The RUSSH Editors on the fragrances they keep close

An endless rotation, whatever suits the mood or the scent you’ve held close since childhood. Here, the RUSSH Editors share what fragrances have them hooked.

Jess Blanch
Editor in Chief

I’ve worn the same fragrance, Amarige by Givenchy, since I was 13, for sentimental reasons (I chose it with my mum).

Billie Iveson
Acting Editor
Fashion & Beauty Director

For night I use Tom Ford Noir and for day I prefer something very light so use Venustus Ethereal perfume.

Victoria Pearson
Art’s Editor

My favourite fragrance is Maison Margiela’s Replica in Lazy Sunday Morning. I tend to gravitate towards candles and perfumes that smell like laundry - clean and fresh. According to the bottle Lazy Sunday Morning ‘evokes the memory of soft, velvety skin enveloped in fresh and comfortable linens’, which is a yes from me. I discovered it on a family trip to Paris in 2015, so the sentimentality of the memory makes it a forever favourite.

Natalie Petrevski
Junior Fashion Editor

My current favourite perfume is the Louis Vuitton Rose De Vents. It’s an extra special scent for extra special occasions. It also holds sentimental value as my friend Ellen got it for me and has my initials engraved on it. I tend to sway more towards floral and citrus scents that are light. A definite classic for the years to come.

Gabriela Hidalgo
Senior Designer

Despite my efforts, I have not been able to stay faithful to a single ‘signature scent' over the years. I move from one fragrance to another with only one rule: never repeat. I’ve now archived most of my memories in the form of perfume so I can go back to any time or place in an instant. Someday, I will look back on this era by smelling Rag & Bone’s Bergamot. It’s such a subtle warm scent with a touch of pepper and cedar wood, the antithesis of its sweet and spicy predecessors … maybe this time it really is forever.

Megan Nolan
Brand & Creative Services Co-Ordinator

My newest favourite is Rose 31 by Le Labo. I love brands that have a story and really know what they stand for and Le Labo does this in the best way. All of their fragrances are unisex, blended by hand and made-to-order and you know I'm all about any fragrance which can be described as 'voluptuous'.