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Finding the small perks of isolation


Isolation has been a strange time for all, this much is agreeable. Some are loving it, some hating it. And for some, spending copious amounts of time inside with little certainty of what the future holds can be extremely distressing. This is of course something we recognise, and hope that amid this, we can act as a platform of reprieve from the glaring news articles. As Australia’s COVID-19 cases slowly begin to lessen (fingers crossed) ,we are starting to look towards to other side. Now, we're reflecting on some of the good things to have come from isolation. Because sometime a glass-half-full attitude can helps you weather the storm.


Appreciating the little things

In a time when things are put into shuddering perspective, it’s the little things we appreciate the most. Things like running water and our ability to be hygienic, a luxury not everyone has. We’re appreciating mild autumn weather that makes the skies turn pink, and the sunshine when we’re able to feel it on our faces. The importance of material things begins to feel very far away.

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Skipping the morning commute

Oh the things we can do! Now that jumping on the train/bus/bike/car is out of the picture, our time is freed up. Sleep in, read in bed, do an online yoga class, or a load of laundry, the morning is all yours. If you find yourself working from home and running late to ‘work’, a shuffle from bed to the kitchen table will have you there in seconds.


Forced relaxation

Social obligations? We don’t know her. When the noise of FOMO isn’t forcing you out of the house to stay busy, the quiet is pleasant to settle into. Early weekend evenings turn into long, slow Sunday mornings and just like that we’ve caught up on all the sleep.


Catching up on anything and everything

Another great thing about not leaving the house: catching up on things you’ve been telling yourself you’d do for months but haven’t. Netflix is ready and waiting for all the shows you’ve been planning to binge, the books on the shelves are practically begging to get cracked into, and if, like me a little more stimulation is up your alley, I have no regrets reviving my Wii.