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‘Euphoria’s’ second ‘special episode’ with Hunter Schafer is coming soon


After so, so much anticipation, the second Euphoria special episode finally has a premiere date and this time, Hunter Schafer will step into a new role. Alongside being the on-screen lead in the two-part special (where Zendaya's character Rue lead the first), Schafer has reportedly co-written and co-executive produced the episode with series creator and director, Sam Levin.

The premiere date for the second episode of the Euphoria special will air on January 24 on HBO, and it titled 'F*ck Anyone Who's Not A Sea Blob'. The episode is said to follow Schafer's enigmatic character, Jules, over the Christmas period, as she reflects on the past year and all that transpired. Both episodes in the special follow the season one finale, where Jules tried to convince Rue to leave town with her after their high school winter formal. At the last minute, Rue decides she doesn't want to go, and Jules boards the train without her, leaving Rue behind, where she relapses from the heartbreak of being left behind.

The first episode has already been released on HBO max and focussed on Rue and a character named Ali, who Rue met at her narcotics anonymous meetings back in season one. Its central setting is a diner, where Rue investigates the reasons behind her relapse. With this in mind, we can only assume that Jules' episode might take a similar tone of reflection and examination into her behaviour. We do after all, need some closure.

Both episodes were reportedly filmed under strict COVID-19 production guidelines, where the whole crew formed a COVID-19 bubble for the duration of production. While we still have to wait over a month for episode number two to be released, we'll be rewatching season one of Euphoria to bring us back up to speed, and prep for season two.

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