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Blue jean baby: 10 places we go to source a pair of always classic Levi’s

where ot buy levi's

We live for Levi's. Truly a household name, no wardrobe is complete without a pair. But this is hardly a groundbreaking sentiment. After all, few other labels can honestly say they've enjoyed the same longevity and popularity over the years as Levi's. Ever since the 1950s the purveyor of denim has resonated with contemporary youth culture, enduring the eras of rockabilly and punk alike, and sailing into our current context without batting an eyelid.

They're a blank slate waiting to be interpreted by the wearer, and have found an admirer in both Fran Lebowitz and the remote dairy farmer. Once again, who else in the realm of fashion can safely claim this fact?

Whether you take your denim in the always classic 501 style or prefer the looser 550s, there's a flattering fit for every body as far as Levi's is concerned. Now, coming up on its 149th anniversary, we're taking a moment to pay our respect to the beloved denim brand. This means demystifying the places we go to secure a new or vintage pair. So for all your jeans needs, here's where to buy Levi's if you're in need of a wardrobe workhorse.

1. Levi's


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If in doubt, go straight to the source. Unlike other sites and stores, the Levi's website will naturally always have the most up-to-date collection of their denim offering, be it the recent launch of a 90s cut 501s style or the ever classic trucker jacket. Plus, if you have any queries on sizing or sustainability, all of that information is at your fingertips. And if you're not in a position to drop a pile of cash straight away, Levi's has made its designs more accessible with Afterpay.




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One of the best things about shopping at THE ICONIC is its timely shipping service. If you're in need of a new pair of Levi's stat, simply select a style from its near 300-wide curation and opt for same day, evening or next day delivery. And if the fit isn't quite right, THE ICONIC has an equally excellent returns and exchange policy. Although we sincerely doubt you'll need to use it, as each item is signposted with exact measurements and there's an accurate fit calculator to double check.




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SSENSE is our one-size-fits all solution to any and all problems. In the midst of a bad break-up? Buy something in your cart on SSENSE. Unsure of what to wear to the business function? Scroll through SSENSE. Seeking out the perfect pair of Levi's? Trawl through its varied selection. There's the ribcage style, baggy bermuda shorts, a bright orange polo, a delicious range of the Originals line, and any other chic Levi's piece you've had your heart set on.


4. Farfetch


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If you're looking for a Levi's piece with a twist, Farfetch is the place for you. As a highly respected shopping destination for all things designer, it's no coincidence that all your favourite Levi's denim collaborations, think its past collections with GANNI, Miu Miu and Valentino, have landed on the retailer first. Plus, if the Made & Crafted line has caught your eye for its offbeat and conscious take on the classics, then know that Farfetch has it in heavy supply.


5. Vestiaire Collective


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Some of us don't want a pair of perfectly new and unworn denim. We prefer them lived-in and timeworn, arriving at our doorstep imbued with a thousand different stories from their previous owners. After all, given the company's age, there are plenty already in existence just waiting to be snatched up. So if vintage Levi's are on the cards, or you simply prefer a specific fit from a different decade, then Vestiaire Collective is the online marketplace for you. Otherwise, you can also trawl the platform for sold out collaborations or current styles without the brand new price tag.


6. General Pants Co.


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Your local, no-fuss option for rounding up a new pair of jeans. General Pants Co. may be the retailer choice of your teenage sibling, or your teenage self for that matter, but its younger audience means it has a curation on Levi's that are undoubtedly en vogue. For denim cut-offs, pencil skirts and baggy silhouettes look no further. Plus, you're never too far away from a discount, so keep your eyes peeled.


7. Depop


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I'll admit, there is no middle ground on Depop; pieces are either the dregs of fast fashion or an untapped gem. And yes, you're going to have to work for it to find the latter. But if vintage or deadstock Levi's are your bag, this is the place to find it aside from say, your brick-and-mortar vintage stores or Japan. I say this because there is a huge US presence on Depop, of whom have decades of Levi's history and thus the denim itself to sift through in their own backyard.


8. Maplestore


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Another local favourite. With a soft spot for denim, including all your selvedge dreams, it makes sense that Maplestore is densely stocked with all the Levi's classics—no weird fits here. There's the vintage cuts, including an assortment of denim and shearling outerwear along with western-style jean button downs and Levi's pocket tees.


9. Re/Done


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While it's true that as they are, Levi's has built a reputation for its universally flattering denim silhouettes, what piece of clothing was not instantly elevated with some careful tailoring? At RE/DONE they do just that, working with Levi's to divert vintage jeans from landfill by altering them with a fresh pattern and refashioning them into myriad styles. Although, this service does not come cheaps, so there's something to be said about just getting your own pairs tailored.


10. eBay


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Obvious for some, a revelation for others. eBay may be the grandaddy on the block, but just like Levi's it's a reliable place for sourcing archival fashion and vintage or deadstock Levi's. Remember those Midwest farmers we mentioned earlier? Chances are they're offloading their pristine, vintage Levi's here and if you're really lucky, for not that much dough. Plus, as I recently learned from Ari Kiko of Kiko Vintage, if you want to get the most out of the marketplace, switch to its UK, German, Italian or French websites instead to cast your net as wide as it can go.


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