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Levi’s taps three Depop creatives for a unique denim partnership

Levi's is just like us, everybody. It too has been sucked down into a Depop rabbit hole. Although, unlike us, for Levi's efforts it has returned with a sparkling new collaboration between three of our favourite Australian Gen Z creators.

Launching into the world today, the new denim drop comes via Depop stores Premium Zoo, furrylittlepeach and EXXY. Each creator has taken to pairs of upcycled 501's and truckers jackets with the zeal of a three-year-old handed paper and a pack of crayons. From Western Australian creator, Premium Zoo, expect chaotic hand-dyed patterns, patchwork and lots of colour - not too dissimilar to Collina Strada's eye catching pants.

At EXXY you will find stonewashed denim with bleached paint splatters and flower shapes, along with hand-drawn sharpie motifs and denim patchwork tote bags. As far as furrylittlepeach is concerned, Levi's signature pieces are reworked and made new again with cutesy heat transferred illustrations. Think rainbows, apples, stars and phrases like "magic exists" and "tough stuff".

The team-up between Levi's and Depop was spurred on by a desire to push for a circular economy. Earlier this year, Levi's premiered its Buy Better, Wear Longer global initiative alongside its latest research into apparel consumption in Australia with the help of PureProfile. What Levi's research revealed was that while one in three Australians currently own between 50 to 150 items of clothing, only half of them were being worn regularly. This data has fortified Levi's mission to cut down on waste and encourage a meaningful, slow approach to shopping. Naturally, this motive is shared with Depop, who, at its very core is a secondhand marketplace.

You can shop the new collaboration from Levi's via Premium Zoo, FurryLittlePeach and EXXY Store on Depop now. Prices start at $60 and you'll want to be quick - there's only a limited number of each piece available.

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