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The most sacred gift of all: Patrick Johnson on the sentimentality of family heirlooms and his most cherished memories

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There's a certain type of unexplained magic that lies within a family heirloom. Pieces that are built to be shared through generations, but welcome the chance to be reborn with each new milestone. Each new wearer adding their own markings along the way. An almost undetectable bump; the faintest of scratches. Bypassing the need for perfection, these treasures are ruled by a dedication to perennity, evolution and sentimentality.

For Patrick Johnson, jewellery has long been at the centre of family; an important vessel that reminds him of those he holds nearest. Harvesting a legacy of love, cherished memories and the bond of family; his relationship to Cartier – most notably the Trinity collection – has proved everlasting.

The Maison has always understood the importance of storytelling, and how its pieces can celebrate the most sacred of bonds. Through exceptional craftsmanship, considered design and an unspoken ability to tether us in connection, Cartier has become a safe haven. It's this significance that shines through the bond Johnson shares with his son Arthur; a playfulness and sensitivity that takes focus in this intimate film and portraiture series.


Patrick Johnson wears Cartier Trinity rings. Arthur wears Cartier Love bangle.

It's through treasures such as family heirlooms that meaning is formed. "I have a few sentimental objects that I wear frequently. One, is a beautiful chain necklace that was a birthday present from my wife. It’s an old equestrian themed link from Cartier. From that, I like to hang a few rings that are gifts from friends."

For Johnson, quality time with family is paramount, sharing that some of his fondest memories together are the simplest. Hot summer days spent on the beach; or the feeling of coming home to the arms of his children who can't wait to give him a hug.

"We spend lots of time together. My family come on all of our work trips with us and we have had some great memories in our short time as a family. But my happiest, is on the beach with them and their cousins in Sydney. "

For those moments when distance separates them, it's Cartier's trinity ring that grounds him.

"I wear two trinity rings, one is my wedding band and the other one was given to me by my wife when our son Arthur was born. I am holding onto it for him until he can pull it off."

The moments we experienced, the connections we made, and the memories we passed down. When all is said and done, this is what truly matters.

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