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10 Depop sellers that have your vintage 90s and Y2k dreams covered

Depop Sellers

The naughties are back. Undeniably, there has been an influx of early 2000's movies, and songs that are re-surging and inspiring a significance and growth towards the fashion from the past decade or two. It's not only what we see on the screens but the runways that are taking a look back at history in inspiration for their next season. In Milan's most recent Fashion Week, Gucci's newly appointed Creative Director, Sabato de Sarno, was in pursue in the name of revival. Honouring the houses origins through iterations, Sabato clearly harkened back to Gucci's Tom Ford era, with subtle references of Alessandro's maximalism. The naughties were truly a classically sultry time, and as JT says it best, what goes around... comes around. So, it should come as no surprise that platforms like Depop – and its many famous sellers – are making it easier for you to get your hands on the best in vintage and second-hand.

As the waves of fashion-conscious individuals continue to grow, and so does our desire for reprised styles, it can become a mere hunt to find the iconic pieces we're looking for. Thankfully platforms like Depop are reshaping the notion of thrifting by offering a plethora of pre-loved 90's and vintage stores, where the endeavour of such has never been easier. To the untrained eye, Depop can be a daunting place to navigate (we've all witnessed the horror from Instagram Depop Drama account). So we've put together a few answers to the questions those that are new to the platform might have. And for the rest of us that are always on the look out for some 90s vintage pieces, we've rounded up 10 Depop sellers that specialise in the naughties realm of style.


What is Y2K Depop?

Just so we're all on the same page, Y2K stands for the 'year two thousand'. People mostly use it to refer to the culture that come from that era e.g. Paris Hilton, Motorola Razrs, low-rise jeans and Destiny's Child. An era that has been referenced in the worlds beloved, more recent movies Saltburn with bootcut jeans and Oxford shirts triumphed our screens, and hearts. Depop is a haven for Y2K clothing so if you're looking to rehash the past, Depop is your girl.


Is Depop just for vintage?

While vintage does make up a large portion of the marketplace, there is still a lot of space for secondhand pieces, especially in the case of of-the-moment designers. So if you're thinking about selling, you don't need to be a fully-fledged vintage store to get involved. You can just drop pieces of your wardrobe that you're no longer vibing or items that no-longer fit, etc. So, here's a few handy hints to help you get started with selling on Depop, if that's your speed. Although, a big part of the joy from Depop is that there are loads of one-off vintage pieces, designer or otherwise, just waiting for you to find them. And because you're communicating directly with the seller or store owner, you can get a better understanding on fit, material and even negotiate price points.

A handy feature of the app is that it has a DNA page, that collates things you've liked, searched for or bought in the past to create a tailored clothing experience. Seller Susamusa goes into more detail here, “Depop has a great DNA page which suggests pieces they think you would love. My DNA page on Depop is so accurate. I love what Depop stands for and it is such a great platform for small and independent businesses.”


10 of our favourite vintage Depop sellers


1. Cusp Vintage


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Cusp Online is run by Stella Morison in Melbourne, where her store also travels the vintage markets in Melbourne. You can expect to find a variety of Y2K inspired pieces, lots of colour at very reasonable prices. Looking for some new staple wardrobe tops and jeans, Cusp Online is your one stop shop.

2. Susamusa


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Susamusa is receiving a lot of hype as of late thanks to a loyal customer, namely Bella Hadid. Hadid's love of all things 90's, Y2k and vintage is well-documented, so it's no surprise that she would opt for the London-based seller-turned designer. Head over to her Depop shop for a mix of nineties and early-aughts vintage or alternatively, check out her vintage-inspired label of the same name.


3. Kiko Vintage


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Kiko Vintage delivers a thoughtful blend of 90s and Y2k high end vintage; think Pucci, Vivienne Westwood, Christian Lacroix and Dior. All pieces have been hand-selected and are always in near-pristine condition. Based in Sydney the online store is helmed by Ari Kiko and she drops new items every month, so keep an eye out!


4. Preloved Princess

Your weekly 90's and early 00's fix is here, with weekly drops Preloved Princess has the ultimate pieces that will truely make you feel like a Y2K Princess, or Paris Hilton if you do.


5. Cora Vintage


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Love a camisole and low waisted jeans? Cora Vintage has a large collection predominately in them, with lots of colour and plenty of lace.


6. MOD. Vintage


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If you're more into premium vintage such as the likes of Burberry, Louis Vuitton, and Polo Ralph Lauren, Mod. Vintage has a unique collection of designer vintage in baby tees, and an extreme collection of Von Dutch caps.


7. Isabella Vrana


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With over 161k followers on Depop, Isabella Vrana is a big deal. Her store is redolent of all our favourite early 2000's high school dramas. Here you'll find lettuce-trimmed midi skirts, halter neck tops, empire-waist mini dresses and all the other hallmarks of a 90s and naughties wardrobe.


8. Dutch Fonzie


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Another favourite of Bella Hadid, Dutch Fonzie is big on vintage swimsuits, especially those of the neon, high-waisted kind. Set your eyes upon her store for dead stock and near new 90s bikinis. If you're lucky you might even find a rogue Ed Hardy baby tee.


9. Internet Girl


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A Depop veteran, Bella McFadden's store Internet Girl playfully merges 90s and Y2k pieces with a distinct goth and punk edge. Expect spaghetti straps, low-rise jeans, silver chokers, grommets and accessories with baby pink and blood red accents.


10. Ex-Girlfriend Shop


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Ex-Girlfriend Shop has a penchant for leopard print and all the things about the naughties we swore we'd never love again. Namely, Dior Overshine tinted sunglasses, kitten heels and anything Playboy. But alas, like your Ex-Girlfriend, they always find a way back into your hearts. Or in this case, our wardrobes.


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