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Why Depop? How to get started on this fashion marketplace

There are many fashion resale options available for anyone wanting to turn their old pieces into some spare cash. But Depop is certainly the platform of choice right now. Especially with Gen Z.

"Australia is Depop’s third largest market. We estimate that one in four 15-24-year old’s in Australia are on Depop," says Aria Wigneswaran, Country Manager Australia, Depop.

But why Depop? Aria says it's because Depop is about people, not just about the item being sold

"We’re not just a platform for people to buy and sell. We’re a community that inspires and connects our users."

"We give clothes a new lease on life that helps to reduce waste. We give our users access to over 20 million items and the chance to dress in unique ways every day, build their identity and create their own story all as a sustainable choice."

So, it's no surprise really that new people are flocking to this platform on a daily basis.

So, if you're a first timer, how do you get started on Depop?

You might be familiar with resale, but Depop is a whole different game. After making an account, you'll find Depop is nuanced and particular, and selling on this app takes some practice.

Aria says: "Once you’re sure about the products you’re ready to sell, think about how you’re going to really sell them on your Depop shop. We always encourage those new to selling to really focus on taking the best pictures of your items – include photos wearing the item, from different angles, and make sure to take pictures of any natural imperfections so the buyer can know what to expect.

She says it's also important to remember that Depop needs a personal touch. It's as much about you and your style as it is about the clothes.

"So much of the app experience is browsing and exploration so users take inspiration either to create their own shops, or to combine influences to create their own individual style."



With this in mind, we spoke to two of Depop's most popular sellers, Rowi Singh and Emily Gurr. Both content creators and influencers in their own right, these sharp and savvy women know what works. We asked them for their best tips to selling on this app.


Why do you use Depop?

Rowi: As a content creator, who collaborates closely with a number of fashion labels, I'm sent new outfits to style more often than I need. A lot of these pieces go unworn, so it makes sense to pass on pre-loved goods whilst somewhat offsetting the overproduction and consumption of the fashion industry. It's also a great way to raise funds to donate to causes I care about, i.e. youth homelessness, Indigenous communities, shelters for women, etc. 

Emily: I use Depop as a chance to give the pieces I no longer wear often to have a second life.


What are your best tips and tricks for selling on Depop?

Rowi: Natural lighting, a clean white background and styling the pieces with cute accessories - boots, shades, and bags to bring the whole look to life. 

Emily: Good imagery, reasonable pricing and make sure you connect with your following. Be reliable and accountable to maintain a good rating so you are trustworthy. 


What do you find sells best?

Rowi: I have a lot of unique pieces I've worn to festivals over the years, and this usually sells pretty quickly! Jeans also tend to sell quickly too. 

Emily: Vintage pieces that look well looked after. 


What advice do you have for those looking to get started selling?

Rowi: Research a shipping service with affordable prices, and try to keep your items priced under $50. Always be transparent about any signs of wear on your garments. And lastly, try and shoot in natural light and model the garments yourself if you can. 

Emily: Make sure your pieces are still of good quality, take good imagery of different angles and keep pushing on socials.



Rowi Singh

Emily Gurr