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Olive Tervenski on the importance of considered styling and Emporio Armani’s sustainable spring collection

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Luxury Italian brand Emporio Armani is known for being at the apex of sophisticated design. Pieces are made to be timeless, – becoming treasured items kept for years to come. Now, for SS22, the brand is embracing sustainable practices in its pieces and production process, an action that is music to the ears of stylist, Olive Tervenski.

In the considered collection, the liberating aesthetic of surfing is contextualised in a metropolitan setting, with pieces evoking a sport feel playing with the codes of formality and adorned with surfing motifs. The fabrication employed to craft the pieces include recycled nylon crepe, yarn-dried ripstop, organic cotton denim and jersey in organic cotton or a blend of recycled nylon and elastane. As a creative, seeing a global brand like Emporio Armani embracing such methods has been exciting for Tervenski, allowing her to feel hopeful for the future of the industry.

We spoke with Tervenski on the importance of considered styling and exploring Emporio Armani's new sustainable SS22 collection, alongside her hopes for the future of fashion.


What is the first thing we should know about you?

The first thing you should or could know about me is I’ve been told I give a good hug. So here is a virtual one from me to you.

As a creative, how does it feel to see a global brand like Armani embracing sustainable practices in their collection?

I feel so excited and hopeful for the future of fashion seeing a global brand like Armani take this first step. I feel hopeful that sustainability will become the forefront of design and that sustainable practices become the norm within the world of fashion.

How have you refined your styling process over the years? 

Over the years my styling process has become more focused on timeless, quality pieces that have a lesser impact on our environment. I like to have fun but dress for comfort and with consideration of our planet.

What has been a standout to you from Emporio Armani’s SS22 collection? 

I love all the colours throughout the SS22 collection but the standout is that this collection is a wonderful step toward a sustainable fashion future without compromising on design.

How do you stay creative?

Like anyone I have wonderfully creative moments but also have those times I feel exhausted or like the light has been switched off.

When I feel those moments of cloud I remind myself of my love for the outdoors. I feel inspired when I spend time in nature. It is ever-changing, nothing stands still and I find a real sense of energy and excitement in that.

As an individual, what changes (big or small) have you made to live more sustainably?  

I have personally made a few smaller changes to the way I shop and how I consume in regards to fashion, food and homewares. I purchase less but better quality across all these areas, shopping locally and supporting small businesses.

In regards to bigger changes, I have a goal to make both my personal work and Cooke & Kin Carbon Neutral over the coming year.

Do you have any words to live by?

I don’t have any specific words I live by but feel human connection is something I couldn’t live without. So maybe I live by a feeling of “always be kind, ask questions and invest your time and love in the people around you”. Oh, and laughter is the best medicine!

Finally, how do you think consumers can play a role in driving a sustainable future? 

I think we can all make better decisions about where we spend our money. This ultimately dictates what future we shape so spending wisely and supporting sustainably led business and design is essential.

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PHOTOGRAPHER Kitty Callaghan
BEAUTY & HAIR Nisha van Berkel
TALENT Olive Rose Tervenski


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