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Emporio Armani Autumn/Winter 2021 sustainable capsule is here

In pursuit of Giorgio Armani's active commitment to environmental responsibility and sustainability, Emporio Armani launch its sustainable capsule collection Autumn/Winter 2021.

Generating more sustainable cycles is no news to the fashion industry. With the likes of Hermès and its innovations using MycoWorks mushroom leather to Stella McCartney pioneering efforts with Mylo leather; it's no lie that more and more designers and brands are seeking out sustainable innovations and technologies to utilise within their production chains. Emporio Armani's sustainable capsule collection will now act as a beacon of heralding light in paving the way for many more brands to follow.

Drawing its inspiration from an imaginary utopian forest, Emporio Armani's sustainable capsule collection is figuratively one that is in harmony with nature. Soft and fluid silhouettes drape the body with blousons, anoraks and sweaters, oscillating between earthy autumnal tones of moss green and brown.



A collection both wearable and functional, Emporio Armani's sustainable capsule collection ensures that efforts in sustainability are met extending to everything from fabrics, washing and treatments, packaging to even ensuring the internal structures of garments such as padding and lining follow suit in the same approach.

A variety of different fabric innovations and technologies are seen utilised throughout Emporio Armani's capsule. Renycle® nylon crepe fabric, Sorona® weft yarn-dyed memory fabric in camouflage, organic cotton corduroy's and regenerated wools with windproof membranes are only just to name a few.

The collection also sees to extend its efforts to accessories, with bio-acetate sunglasses and watches using low-impact fabrications and materials - the sustainable capsule completes its environmental aid with certified compostable packaging to close the fashion chain loop.

A collection designed to be embraced in winter layers, it has been announced that Emporio Armani's sustainable capsule collection will see to officially drop this September/October 2021. Padded waistcoats, cargo trousers, militant boots and belted jackets, more information on Emporio Armani's sustainable capsule collection is available on


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