The Super New Moon in Pisces will have you feeling intensely emotional

Super New Moon

Our next New Moon arrives on 10 March. It will be at its least visible point at 8pm AEDT.

For those who are looking for a break from the tension brought by the Full Moon in Virgo, it may be a relief to find that this phase of the Moon Cycle comes to us in Pisces - Virgo's complementary sign. But while the influence of Pisces does mean we'll have a break from the push and pull felt during the Full Moon, it also comes with it's own challenges.

You may find that you feel this particular transit more intensely than others as this New Moon is a Super New Moon - the point where the Moon is at its closest point to Earth. Super Moons tend to amplify the impacts we might ordinarily feel. Throw Pisces in the mix and you can expect this Moon to be an intensely emotional one.

Pisces is the clairvoyant of the zodiac. It is a sign with a deep sensitivity to those around them and heightened sense of intuition. When it arrives at the opportune time, Piscean energy can encourage us to explore spirituality and imbues us with a creative spirit. Imagination runs wild and we learn the benefit that comes with trusting our guts. But as with all things, moderation is key - and unfortunately moderation is not in the cards for this New Moon.


Our Moon in Pisces is conjunct with The Sun, Saturn and Neptune - get ready to be in your feelings

The Moon rules our inner selves, The Sun rules our outer selves, Saturn rules responsibilities and structure and Neptune rules dreams and spirituality. All four of these celestial bodies in Pisces, coupled with the intensifying effects of the Super Moon, means you'll be feeling especially delicate and emotional at the time. More so if your natal chart is already Water heavy. This means you will be more inclined to take feedback personally, you could be feeling insecure and you'll also be very easily overwhelmed. Essentially, you will more more easily upset and sent to tears than you normally would. This is not the time to pack your calendar full of events, it's just going to push you over the edge. You will need your downtime more than ever. Don't be afraid to embrace being a homebody.

Your creative abilities will also be heightened and you'll likely have a desire to explore new creative avenues. Don't be surprised if you want nothing more than to shrug off your responsibilities courtesy of Saturn's position. Living in Lala Land will seem much more appealing than the pressures of the real world. This might look like absorbing yourself in pottery or painting or maybe you'll spend your time in the deep depths of a fantasy novel.


How to approach this New Moon in Pisces

Don't forget that New Moons mark the close of the previous Moon Cycle, and the opening of a new one. It is the energetic low point in any Moon Cycle, a time to reset and start anew. This is the best time to practice any Moon rituals and begin to sew the seeds of intention that you wish to harvest at a later date. But Pisces of course loves to colour outside the lines. In essence, this sign is the rejection of goal setting and planning, so you might find it harder than normal to get yourself organised. If you can muster the ability to consciously plan what you wish to get from this Moon Cycle and focus on it, you'll be in a much better place to reap rewards.

At the same time, be gentle with yourself. Allow yourself space to feel. Forcing too much structure into your days will not solve your problems. Embrace your new found creativity and don't allow the words of others to sting. You're in your own lane and on your own path and you need to own that.

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Image: Luca Calderone on Unsplash

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