What to expect from the Snow Full Moon in Virgo

Full Moon in Virgo

Arriving on 24 February 2024 at 11:30pm AEDT, our Full Moon falls into Virgo this month.

Known at the Snow Moon, the name comes from Native American and European origins owing to the particularly heavy snow fall that often occurred in the Northern Hemisphere at the time of this particular Full Moon.


What to expect astrologically

While our last Full Moon brought us confidence and pleasurable pursuits, you'll need to take deep breaths during this Moon phase. This Full Moon brings us tension, stubbornness and some anxious energy. Of course, Full Moons always have a tendency to be intense moments. As they mark the energetic peak of the Moon Cycle, they have the power to bring tensions to a head and have us feeling far more emotional than normal. Falling in Virgo, this sign ordinarily has the ability to neutralise some of the deeper chaos. Virgo's pragmatism helps us rationalise and bring order the messier part of ourselves. However, the Full Moon in Virgo falls in direct opposition to the Sun in Pisces, causing tension between these two opposing energies.

The Moon rules our inner selves, while the Sun rules our outer selves. As such, you might find that internally you crave order to the point of stubbornness, while the Sun in Pisces encourages your outward facing personality to colour outside the lines. It's a particularly straining combination - particularly for Earth signs and Water signs who will already feel pulled toward one particular side of this spectrum. The tug-of-war between these energies can only resolve if you agree to relinquish the tightly held control Virgo demands that you grip with all your might. Organisation, order and logic are great qualities, but they do not serve us when we attempt to apply these principles to our feelings. Emotions are inherently abstract and if you try to rationalise and apply structure to the way you experience your feelings, you only risk causing yourself more stress.


How to use the Snow Full Moon to your advantage

Instead, take three big, deep, cleansing breaths. Allow yourself to simply feel what you feel. Reserve Virgo's mothering energy for meal prep or a closet clean out. Do not allow it to make you the most stubborn version of yourself when it comes to relationships. and the way you communicate your emotions. Anxiety and tension is not helpful to you and does not serve you. Let it go and embrace life as it comes.

It's not all stress though, luck could be in the stars for you. Our Moon sits in trine with Jupiter, the planet of good fortune. Ordinarily, a trine is a sign of luck and opportunity, but a Jupiter trine is particularly auspicious. Earth signs will be the primary recipients of this particularly brand of harmony, but don't be surprised if you feel an extra boost of optimism, even if there is no Earth in your chart. This Full Moon could be a good time to try your luck, where hesitancy has previously held you back. Send that Hinge message! Ask your boss for a raise. The Moon is also in a trine with Uranus, the planet of freedom and originality. So, don't be surprised if your humanitarian emerges from its shell more so than usual. This particular trine is a cosy one that can help you with self acceptance and self love. Lean into that.


Image: Ganapathy Kumar on Unsplash


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