Your Pisces horoscope predictions for 2024 have officially landed

pisces horoscope 2024

Saturn continues it’s pilgrimage through your sign for all of this year. It’s worth noting where and how this transit has turned up in your life since entering Pisces in March of 2023. Wherever this planet falls, it is looking at the foundations that do or do not exist here. Because your Sun lives in this sign, this is a very strong and beneficial transit. Not that it necessarily feels easeful. Saturn brings realism, sometimes stark realism. For a nebulous sign of fantasy and creativity like yours, stark realities might feel harsh. However, Saturn is the lord of time and space, and shows us the harvest of the seeds we have thus far planted. It is a planet of practical application. For a sign as ephemeral as yours, practical real-world structures and responsibilities may seem like a limitation, yet they can create so much bounty. Is a poet a poet if they never sit down to write a poem? Use this Saturn transit to build structures and disciplines to draw your figurative poems through you and onto the real-world page. Use it to check in on your own energetic boundaries as well. The less merge-y and more contained your energy is, the more it can be of creative and practical use.

Your ruler, Neptune, continues it’s steady tenure through your sign (April 2011 until January 2026), and on June 7th will form a conjunction with Saturn. The approach of this will be strong and is likely to be felt for weeks before the actual meeting. The last time this happened was in 1989. It makes me think of Einstein, who was a 10th House Pisces Sun, meaning, he was a Capricorn-flavoured Pisces. His time spent off-world in his imagination and beyond was both intentional and productive. Take note of what arises in your social and intimate relationships. With the South Node in Libra, there is a collective purge and evolution taking place around where we may avoid necessary conversations or play into who we think people want us to be, rather than who we are. People pleasing, while usually coming from an early survival mechanism, is tiring work. All identity falsehoods are.

There’s a brilliant activation taking place with the North Node in Aries at the same time and the antidote lives here. The more that you are present with yourself and regenerating your energy in the ways that best work for you, the more space you will have to really bring to the foreground what your wants, needs and desires are. In love, in life, in all of the areas. With a sign as sensitively attuned as yours, it might be easier for you to feel the wants, needs and desires of everyone in the room rather than your own. Take the time and space needed to align with these parts of yourself. They will make for a strong north star and instinctual navigation system for you, going forward, ensuring you don’t drift too far from self in the mists of your sign.

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