What to expect from the Worm Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Libra

Full Moon in Libra

Our next Full Moon falls on 25 March - the fullest point at exactly 6pm AEDT. It falls in the Air sign of Libra.

This March Full Moon is a particularly auspicious one. It's the first Full Moon following the Autumn Equinox, and as such is the first Full Moon of the new astrological year - a great time for manifesting. It also happens to come with a penumbral lunar eclipse, also a perfect time for manifesting and other moon rituals.

This won't be a lunar eclipse in the traditional sense where the Moon turns blood red. Why? Because in a traditional lunar eclipse, the Moon passes through the umbra - the darkest part of the Earth's shadow. For our March Full Moon, the Moon will pass through the penumbra - the lighter part of the Earth's shadow. As such, the Full Moon will be fainter, but it won't be the stark blood colour people think of when they normally think of a lunar eclipse.

The traditional name for this Moon is the Worm Full Moon - named for the worms and beetle larvae that would appear at this time of year in the Northern hemisphere.


How the Worm Full Moon in Libra will affect you

Many of us tend to feel more emotional than normal around the Full Moon. As this is the energetic peak of the current Moon Cycle, it is the point where the themes that have dominated the current period will come to a head. It can be a period of high energy, deep sensitivity or intense illumination. You only have to ask any emergency hospital staff to know that emotions run high during the Full Moon - especially if it's a lunar eclipse!

The intensity and rashness you might normally experience will be softened by the influence of Libra. The sign of balance, Libra is agreeable and value symmetry. Instead of feeling overwhelmed, you will find yourself with strong desire to pursue a renewed sense of equilibrium. Whether that means pushing back on work to achieve a healthier work-life balance or perhaps opting for a few more nights out to offset a few too many weekends spent watching TV in solitude.

Additionally, the sky will thankfully free from aggressive squared placements - instead dominated by soothing trines and sextiles. A rather harmonious mix indeed. It will allow us to truly open ourselves up to receiving rejuvenation Libra offers us at this time.

But of course, this Moon is not without complexity. In this moment, The Moon will be in opposition to The Sun in Aries. While this won't necessarily cause tension, it will mean what you want day-to-day will be very different to what you want when you're alone. The Moon rules our inner selves, while the Sun influences our outer personalities. As such, you could feel yourself becoming demanding and competitive streak emerging, but all the while, the inner desire for serenity has you feeling at odds.


How to make the most of the Worm Full Moon in Libra

This will be an interesting Moon energetically. Although in opposition, we need to remember here that Aries and Libra are in fact complementary signs. They are both social butterflies who will always choose social interaction over alone time. Rather than allowing these signs to instigate an internal tug-o-war, embrace their commonalities. Aries finds energy in socialisation and Libras find balance in companionship. Take a moment to step out of the house, go to a pilates class, grab a coffee with friends - allow Aries and Libra to come together through social connection.

Libra is also arguably the fashionista of the zodiac, they love to dress up and look good. It's a perfect match for high-energy Aries, who will always be the last person to leave the party. It's a recipe that will allow you to take full advantage of a hectic social calendar - and it is in this way that you embrace these complementary energies, and that you will truly find the harmony that Libra sorely craves.

Just also bare in mind, Libra can sometimes veer towards indecisiveness and will do whatever it takes to keep the peace. These aren't inherently bad traits, but when these are felt on the inner side of ourselves, it can mean we end up putting ourselves last. If you do wish to achieve a healthy balance, you need to remember that sometimes, your needs will have to come first. Even if it ruffles some feathers.

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