Your March 2024 horoscopes have landed: Find out what’s in store for the month ahead

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Despite feeling like we're navigating a surreal realm conjured by none other than David Lynch himself, as we approach the end, we emerge from the clouds prepped and primed to manifest our creative dreams as Aries season lands on the 20th. If you feel psychically blocked from believing that you’re an ‘IT girl’ just look over to the Aries icons for inspiration. Take Mariah Carey, Lady Gaga, and Diana Ross, as examples who epitomise living boldly and unapologetically. How can you embrace their ethos and write your own empowering narrative? This is the month to wield the power to shape and sculpt your life without doubting your inherent worthiness. When and if challenges knock at your door, the Aries muse refuses to fold. Ride the storm, and keep the faith – here are your March 2024 horoscopes.


Even though it's your birthday month, you're torn between wanting to be outdoors and wanting to cocoon indoors. The planets are dancing between your 12th house of dreams and your 1st house of authenticity. In essence, see your energy as currency; you don’t need to be everywhere at once, so nip that FOMO in the bud before spreading yourself thin. The New Moon in Pisces on the 10th can open the door to explore what has been brewing in your creative pot, allowing you to make solid movements in the outside world that align with your inner landscape. The Full Moon eclipse in Libra on the 25th will take place in your house of relationships, prompting you to reflect on relationship themes around October 15th, 2023, as you might notice some patterns resurfacing around March 25th.


Taurus, while you're typically inclined towards outward progression, it's essential to recognize the value of inward growth this month, even if you can’t see it immediately. Close your eyes, because you can feel. When Mercury (10th) and Mars (23rd) move into Aries, these cosmic players will help you to realise that you might have already noticed that you’ve broken free from habitual patterns that once held you tightly, and you're determined this month to not be dragged back down. With the New Moon in Pisces on the 10th, illuminating your house of visions and close relationships, it's the perfect moment to start a creative venture with someone from your inner circle. Collaborating with them can expand your horizons and bolster your self-belief to brand new heights. Who would Mary-Kate be without Ashley? You need your creative twin.


Where have you been hiding yourself within your visions? It's time to step boldly into the spotlight and lead with unwavering conviction. With Mercury in Aries offering a confidence boost from the 23rd, it's your moment to showcase your passions beyond the confines of social media alone. It's time to be visible in the real world. The New Moon in Pisces on the 10th, gracing your career sector, presents an ideal opportunity to set intentions that transcend the boundaries of your usual imaginative landscape. What does it mean to dare to be exceptional, and how can this drive you to carve your legacy in stone? These are crucial questions to ponder before penning your intentions.


Some of you may find yourselves contemplating a shift in your career trajectory. Give yourself the grace to recognize when it's time to bid farewell to the old and embrace a new adventure. With Mercury and Mars in Aries activating your house of legacy from the 10th and 23rd, you're bestowed with a fresh wave of courage. If you've been seeking existential clarity, the New Moon in Pisces may offer profound philosophical insights capable of reshaping your worldview entirely. Remember, our beliefs hold the power to shape our destinies. As the Full Moon eclipse in Libra illuminates your roots and ancestral connections on the 25th, and it prompts you to redefine the concept of family. Reflect on the patterns that emerged around October 15th to gain deeper insights.


If you sense external forces exerting control over you, brace yourself for a rebellious month ahead. However, it's also a great moment to identify areas where you've neglected the quiet whispers of curiosity within you. With Mercury and Mars in Aries hopping into your house of adventure on the 10th and 23rd, you'll be reminded that your passions are worthy of exploration—they are an integral part of your being, yearning to be embraced without labelling them as silly or pointless. The New Moon in Pisces on the 10th will encourage you to perceive your sensuality as a source of power, presenting an ideal time to devote your attention to nurturing your body, and slowing down from the social scene.


Your intuition is remarkably potent, but exercise caution against making impulsive decisions without careful consideration. With Mercury and Mars in Aries activating your house of intuitive instincts from the 10th and 23rd, it's crucial not to shut down the inner callings you feel drawn to. The New Moon in Pisces on the 10th, influencing your house of relationships, presents a delightful opportunity to craft a new love narrative—whether with yourself, a long-term partner, or a potential crush. The past is behind you, so what fresh love fairy tale do you wish to script with Cupid's quill? When Venus in Pisces moves into your place of relationships on the 12th, put down the ‘how to’ books and go and pick up a romantic novel for some inspiration. Secretly, you’re a lover girl - just admit it.


Sometimes, you have to adopt a bull-headed approach to pursue your life's desires, as a passive stance simply won't cut it. With Mercury moving into Aries, followed by Mars on the 10th and 23rd transitioning into your house of relationships, it's time to seize control where others once dictated the boundaries you were confined to. The Full Moon eclipse in Libra, occurring in your house of self on the 25th marks a significant month of pivotal shifts for you. While you may not immediately witness these external changes, eclipses typically unfold their themes over a span of up to six months. Nevertheless, you're likely to experience an internal transformation. Reflect on the New Moon eclipse in Libra that occurred on October 15th to see which seeds you planted.


Despite your sharp intellect, this month calls for a deep embodiment of your body, senses and physicality. With Mercury and Mars transitioning into your house of health and fitness from the 10th and 23rd, it's imperative to embrace and channel the primal, erotic energy pulsating within you. Neglecting to do so may leave you feeling restless, so as the divine vessel you are, channel that energy into high energy movement exercises. By the time the New Moon in Pisces arrives in your house of creativity on the 10th, the emotional barriers you helped soothe through a dedicated health regimen will yield an even greater creative flow.


Just like the love Goddess Venus, when she wants something, she’ll find a way to get it, and you'll find yourself significantly goal driven. What do you yearn for the most? Spontaneous outings and dates with both friends and lovers, has your name written all over it. Driven by a bursting desire to express your passionate side to the world. This pursuit intensifies as Mercury and Mars transit through your realm of deep emotions from the 10th and 23rd in the sign of Aries. Beneath your comedic façade lies a sincere and vulnerable part of you yearning for its own moments of visibility. The New Moon in Pisces gracing your house of home asks you to define what it means to belong on the 10th, reminding you that you don’t need to search too far; you are always your own first home.


If there are conversations you've been avoiding, now is the time to take the plunge. Allow yourself the opportunity to be heard, as Mercury in Aries enters your house of emotions on the 10th, encouraging raw and vulnerable self-expression. Even if you don't know how people will be receptive to your words, you might even be pleasantly surprised. Your voice deserves to be seen, heard and understood. If you've lost hope regarding your career expansion, the Full Moon eclipse in Libra on the 25th, falls into your career landscape of career. It asks you to honestly ask yourself whether you're steering yourself in a direction that truly aligns with your soul's calling, or if you're merely pursuing goals that appear impressive on the outside. Ask yourself: are your aspirations rooted in your own truths, or are they shaped by what society deems desirable?


It's time to emerge from your visionary cave and start sharing your insights with potential collaborators, particularly as Mars in Aries enters your place of day to day outings and local networking on the 23rd. Schedule coffee meetings, explore new co-working spaces, and seek out helping hands to transform your visionary concepts into actionable plans. With the New Moon in Pisces igniting your house of finances on the 10th, now is the time to contemplate how you can translate your creative ideas into passive income streams. Don't overthink it—take decisive steps towards manifesting your money goals into tangible steps.


You might find yourself adopting a more defensive stance, which can actually serve you well. Learning to say no to opportunities that don't align with your long-term vision is just as crucial as saying yes, as it allows you to prioritise what’s important to stay focused. With Mercury and Mars in Aries influencing your house of values on the 10th and 23rd, you might surprise yourself with how assertive you can be - embrace it! The New Moon in Pisces arrives in your sign on the 10th, and you'll be able to embrace your inner Goddess. Which is doubly fired up as Venus moves into your sign on the 12th. Treat yourself as the sacred temple you are. The Full Moon eclipse in Libra on the 25th may ignite passion in your intimacy zone, prompting you to contemplate whether you're ready to fully surrender to your erotic needs without compromising them to not appear ‘needy’.


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Photo by Scott Lord on Unsplash