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A new David Lynch series, ‘Wisteria’ is coming to Netflix


Word on the street has it that legendary Twin Peaks director, David Lynch is partnering with streaming giant Netflix for a new miniseries titled Wisteria. It's refreshing to see more indie films housed on the streaming site, with titles like the ever-favoured Call Me By Your Name garnering a frankly unprecedented level of attention since it's release, and there is no doubt that adding Lynch's title to their consistently growing repertoire will bode well for subscribers who are devoted to slightly more left-of-centre productions. Personally, we can't wait for some fresh indie content, so here is what we know about the production so far.


What is the plot of Wisteria?

In true Lynch form, he's been classically tight-lipped about the plot of the miniseries. Nobody knows exactly why he's so cagey about his storylines, I suppose to add an element of surprise to the entire production. While we have no hints, we can only hope that his cast will be filled with seasoned-professionals alongside some undiscovered emerging talent that we can obsess over.


Who is he working with?

Excitingly, he has let on that he will be working with  Sabrina S. Sutherland, his long-time production collaborator and set partner on Twin Peaks, for those hoping for a similar vibe. Sutherland has worked with Lynch on multiple projects since the series, one of which being Inland Empire. 


When and where will it be shot?

In another classically Lynch move, the miniseries will be shot in LA, for that quintessential scenery. He is apparently even planning on shooting part of Wisteria at Calvert Studios, where the director shot the 2017 season of Twin Peaks. In terms of the shoot start date, it is said that the official start of production will be May 2021, meaning that we have plenty of time to speculate plot and cast up until then. Stay tuned.


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