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Call Me By Your Name is now on Netflix, so it’s time to watch it again


While travel restrictions have stopped us from running into the warm embrace of a European summer this year, our plans to spend our days basking in the sand with a peach next to the Mediterranean any time soon have been well and truly foiled. Thankfully, we have just the remedy to soothe our itchy feet, with the on-screen iteration of everyone's fantasy holiday/romance coming to Netflix. The best news we've heard all week is that thanks to Netflix, we can now watch Call Me By Your Name over and over again until we a) find a love like Oliver and Elio and b) are greeted once again with warm weather.

If you somehow missed the past three years of us rambling about the film since Call Me By Your Name was released, the Oscar-winning, cult indie film adapted and directed by Luca Guadagnino starring Timothee Chalamet and Armie Hammer stole ours, and everyone else's hearts in the sweet and wrenching love story set in 80's southern Italy over the course of the summer. The set in itself is enough to have you coming back for more, where Oliver (Hammer) and Elio (Chalamet) fall in love in a sprawling old Italian farmhouse mansion which sits between stonefruit trees and an oasis-like river. The film is loaded with heartbreak, agony, bliss, sunshine, self-discovery and friendship and will quite literally, likely live in our hearts forever.

Our watching limit knows no bounds (the limit does not exist) now that the film is readily available at the click of a button (and a Netflix subscription), and we'll be counting on it to see us through the pointy end of all that has happened this year. Take us away, Netflix, to a place where stonefruit is in abundance, and wandering about in nothing more than swim trunks and unbuttoned shirts is all that can be tolerated under the Tuscan sun.

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Image Credit: @cmbynfilm