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Fashion and upholstery collide as Raf Simons and Kvadrat join forces for their latest collection

Kvadrat Raf Simons collection

In 2014, one of the most prolific collaborations in recent fashion and design history was formed, between global textile company Kvadrat and trailblazing designer Raf Simons. The duo have brought a fresh sensibility to the textiles of the home through their deeply considered pieces, and now they are back once again for the 7th edition of the Kvadrat/Raf Simons collection.



Led by his innate sense of style as well as wide-ranging interests in modern art, design, music, graphics and architecture, Raf Simons brings his distinctive vision for interiors to the collection. One that is bold, but equally sure-handed in its use and exploration of colour, texture and pattern. This approach results in a harmonious marriage between Simons' vision and Kvadrat's understanding of textiles and upholstery that continues to drive the expanding suite of textiles and accessories.

As inspiration for the 2020 collection, Simons revisited his love of fashion and the intricacies of haute couture, with a specific focus on fur and luxurious knits – translating the textures and techniques used regularly in the fashion industry into woven upholstery fabrics. For the 7th edition, the collaboration introduces two new upholstery fabrics, Helia and Silas, as well as Sunniva 3 in a colour update. Designed with the purpose of adding subtle highlights of texture to a sofa or chair, three cushions in Silas have also been added to the accessories collection.


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The collection is distinctly textural, incorporating long fibred mohairs reminiscent of sheepskin, short pile velour, and soft irregular bouclés. A mixture of bright colours complimented by flecked and thinly striped designs form the basis of the latest Kvadrat/Raf Simmons collection, paired with solid, single-colour textiles presented in soft throws.


Kvadrat Raf Simons collection


Speaking to the pair's enduring consistency in design and style, each textile from across the Kvadrat/Raf Simons collection can be used alongside one another to produce richly nuanced combinations within an interior scheme. Sophisticated and playful, the suite of diverse yet complementary tones, weaves and textures work to create a multitude of inventive combinations that reflect Kvadrat’s commitment to quality, and Raf Simons’ refined elegance.

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