Your Scorpio horoscope predictions for 2023 have officially landed

scorpio horoscope 2023

For all of 2022 and until July of 2023, the South node has been churning through the shadows of your Sun sign, kicking up the more shadowy and unconscious aspects of this archetype and bringing them to light. This has been happening on an individual and collective level, where we have seen all manner of deceptions and corruptions of power rise to the surface. Stop and take stock of what has come to the surface for you during this period. This has been a valuable evolution of the way you can express and embody your life force, your Sun.

Beneath the armour of a Scorpion lies a vulnerable and soft creature. With the South Node here, you may have had insights into how your armour does and does not serve you. Perhaps it was necessary in younger expressions of you or certain aspects of your life. With the North Node in your opposite sign of Taurus, the antidote has been in simplifying the complex psychodramas by being present, in your body, in the tasks and rituals that make up your (daily) life. The antidote has been in using your hands, making your food, your garden, your creations. Having a practical, real-world tether and outlet for the depths of your energy is vital to your sign’s health and vitality. 

Your ruling planet, Pluto, is preparing to change signs from Capricorn, where it has lived since 2008, into Aquarius. We will have a taste of this between March and June when it moves here before retrograding back into Capricorn for the rest of the year. This is huge. When it moves into Aquarius next year it will be there for two decades. This move is into your fourth house and suggests that you are entering a period of liberation. Specifically, liberation from any thought patterns or beliefs that you adopted in your socialisation period that have since become a bind.

Pluto, also aligned with the archetype of Hades, God of the Underworld, goes deep, just like you. In the fourth house this energy is looking at the roots of who you are, your inner realm. Does it feel constricting or spacious to be you? Do you own and utilise your natural gifts as a space holder, as a deeply instinctual being, as a natural deep diver? Do the people around you hold space for you? Do you have people in your life that see you as deeply as you see them? What sanctuary and rituals have you created in your life to rejuvenate and re-stock yourself? 

Mars will retrograde in Gemini, through your eighth house from 31 October 2022 to 13 January 2023 which will be a primo time to look at what thoughts you take action from and why, specifically in the areas of intimacy with self and others. What narratives are you running in your intimate life and when did you last fact-check them?

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