Your Capricorn horoscope predictions for 2023 have officially landed

capricorn horoscope 2023

One of the many beautiful things about being a Capricorn is that your birthday month both begins and ends each year. By late December, we have been reflecting on the year that was and as the wheel of time turns, we are making plans for our new year ahead. 

This year, we have Mercury retrograde bookending our year as well, both in your sign. This is a great thing. As you likely already know, when the planet that symbolises our mind begins to seemingly move backwards, we have a mental pause for thought. We enter a natural time of reflection and review. So, make your plans as you would any other year and then hang out with them for a week or two before you set them in motion. 

Your Sun naturally thrives off having direction, you are here to move and grow out into your world. One thing to contemplate is, towards what are you intentionally moving and why? And how do you want to feel on the way there? If your goals are outcome based, revisit them and add in how you also wish to feel this year. Take note of when you felt most alive in the year that was, what brought you the most joy, what were your greatest triumphs? What gold was crafted from the ebbs in your year?

Your ruling planet, Saturn, moves out of Aquarius in March and into the visionary daydream world of Pisces, ruling your third house of communication. Look to see where this falls in your own chart, for wherever Saturn moves, it is looking at the foundations you have built in that area of life. For your Sun sign, this Saturn placement is aiding in bringing your dreams and visions into form. It also has this feeling of spiritual discipline. I’m not suggesting you go and join a cult and lop your hair off, more that you make space in your day or week for receptivity. Receptivity to your imaginings and daydreams, recalling the texture and feeling of your night dreams. Make space for more of your magic, even if it is unexplainable or purely feeling based. 

Since 2008, Pluto has been transforming Capricorn energy and for the first time in 15 years, it will move out of your sign from 23 March before re-entering in June for one final six-month fling. Take the time to recount the events of your life since then. Likely, you will have come to know and make friends with more of your underworld in this time. The energy will palpably shift when Pluto leaves your sign. There has been so much action and churning going on in your sign, very important celestial action, for a number of years now, and we are at the tail end of that. There is more lightness and ease coming to Capricorn, the wizened Mountain Goat is turning nimbler mountain sprite. 

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