Your Leo horoscope predictions for 2023 have officially landed

leo horoscopes 2023

Leo, you have entered a year where the ever-evolving energies in our solar system are working to transmute any of the shadows that stand in the way of you expressing all of your magic. Specifically, your power. And for a Leo, your power lies in your self-expression; in self-validating yourself and expressing yourself, in owning and enjoying who you are. No dimming of your natural starshine, no trying to mirror some kind of perceived palatable form.

Lilith, the magnetic force that warps the orbit of our Moon into an oval shape, moves into your sign from January until October. For all of us in the collective, this shift is huge. There is deep catharsis and medicine in creativity. Always, but particularly now. And for you, with your Sun here, Lilith is making contact with the depths of your force. Lilith’s magic is the type we have whispered to one another for centuries, that now – in this Aquarian age – we are beginning to speak aloud again. She symbolises our sexual energy, our intuition, the magical capabilities that we all hold but have learnt to ignore. Not now, Leo. Tap into your fiery instincts. Attune to your own energy and make quiet space for you to pick up the sensorial data – your intuition – that is always being sent your way. Lilith left a life of obligations to be free, and she felt the wrath of some big players in doing so. And yet, she continued to be herself. What an archetype to be hanging out with this year. What medicine. 

On the day before the Sun moves into your sign this year, Venus turns retrograde, also in your sign. Venus retrogrades once every 18 months and will spend the period 23 July to 4 September in your sign. This is symbolic for several reasons. Firstly, because it will retrograde for the duration of the Leo season and, secondly, Venus is an energy related to our values and our sense of worth as well as our creativity. This is also supported by Lilith’s regenerative energy in your sign. Both energetic spotlights are focused on revising where and onto whom, you place your worth. Do you inhabit more or less of your own light based on your surroundings and company? Being a Leo is a hero’s journey into being and inhabiting who you are, which sounds so simple. But as Henry Miller once wrote, “Much too simple, doubtless. But such is the nature of the real.”

As a Leo Sun, you have always had an innate sense of how you are being received by the people around you. Part of the exploratory journey of being a Leo is in learning not to give your power over to others, through things like external validation. Your star shine is part of your power and force; you being you and expressing that is your force. It is a golden key for your sign that unlocks more of your natural magnetism, more of your natural star shine. To be you and enjoy being you, regardless of the reception, is a gateway into the Lion frequency of your sign. 

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