Your Cancer horoscope predictions for 2023 have officially landed

Cancer horoscope 2023

Each of the twelve signs inherits innate gifts and part of maturing into our particular Sun sign is looking at how we are using these golden keys. A large part of your magic lies in your intuitive senses. You can feel and read the energy and emotions in others, and you are one of a few signs that probably learnt how to read your environment before learning to read yourself. You may have also learnt to nurture your environments before learning how to nurture you. If it feels as if this is a journey you are still on – this isn’t a one-and-done kind of thing – then this year will likely offer you some insight into your own depths and desires, into the whispers of your own ancient wisdom.

Cancer represents the maternal archetype and the inner child that lives within all of us. The more that you can sit in unconditional presence with yourself and the deep waters of your inner realms, and then practically show up for and meet what arises, the healthier and more vital your Sun shines. Your warmth warms us. Cancer is an expedition into learning to fill up your own cup before pouring your elixir into all of ours. And yet part of your learning and early self-value may have come from how you can help others, ahead of helping yourself. 

Venus, the planet of values and self-worth, will retrograde through your second house from 23 July to 4 September in the sign of Leo. What do you most value about yourself? How do you want to be and how are you valued in your closest relationships? To have people around you that see you and hold space for who you are, which you do innately for so many, would be a medicinal balm times ten. 

Pluto will enter your eighth house in March and live there for the next two decades. This is the territory of intimacy with self and others and brings with it a natural analysis and understanding of your deeper machinations. Part of Cancer’s journey is towards intimacy. Sometimes this energy can tend the vulnerability of others rather than tending to one’s own and with Pluto here, you’ll gain a powerful and healing insight into how you do intimacy, and how you were conditioned to do intimacy, with plenty of opportunity to rewrite this narrative if you wish it so. The Venus retrograde is the perfect time to sit with who you are in relationships; how do you receive love and support from those around you? Do you? Does it feel safe to seek nurturance from others?

With whom do you remove your crab shell and bare your soft and tender self? As a natural space holder and intuitive, who holds you? When you nurture yourself – which, practically speaking, is doing anything that feeds your being – you also nurture your connection to your innate intuition. Later this year from October, Lilith, the archetype of deep feminine magic, wisdom and power, will enter your house of communication, where she will live for the next nine months. Make space for more receptivity in your life, because the intel is always there, knocking at your door and with this transit, it turns your intuitive dial up to eleven.

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