Your Sagittarius horoscope predictions for 2023 have officially landed

sagittarius horoscope 2023

Jupiter, your ruling planet, is the largest in our solar system. It has expansive energy, looking for a deeper understanding and higher meaning of self and life. Like your Sun sign, it is larger than life, the experiential seeker. For the first five months, Jupiter is expanding your will and determination in initiating action towards your desires. Here, life feels filled with possibilities and there is an optimism and buoyancy that feels like an energetic surge forward. To maximise this energy, spend the Mercury retrograde in Capricorn from 29 December to 19 January really sinking into the directions you wish to go this year, contemplate the experiences and feelings you wish to be enveloped in. Revisit your plans and intentions over this period, speak them to your loved ones, revise and edit, make plans that feel true to you.

Your sign is synonymous with the archer and with your ruling planet in this territory, there is so much magic in pulling back your bow and taking a steady and truthful aim forward, as the natural celestial propulsion is on your side. On 17 May, Jupiter will move into Taurus in your sixth House. This is the territory of daily rituals and routines as a vehicle for bringing your talents and abilities into the world, showering us with your natural gifts. From May until May 2024, there will be several opportunities for you to reflect upon the meaning that you have applied to the self-actualisation of your potentials in work and purpose. Jupiter is also where we play both student and teacher, so if you are calling in new paths, call forward new mentors and guides in this area. If you are more seasoned, how can you lay down the maps of your own moves for those who seek to learn from you?

Venus will also retrograde through your ninth house in Leo from 23 July to 4 September and this feels like a period to sink into the beliefs and meaning that you are applying to your life. Are they your own? Have you lived the wisdom that you align yourself with in life? Is it someone else’s playbook that you are living by? Be it in relationships or business or contemplating the cosmos, whatever it is, your sign operates at its best when you live by your own accrued wisdom, not someone else’s. When you are speaking and living from your own knowledge base, it hits differently – it has weight. 

There’s a natural oscillation that can happen in this sign between periods of life, feeling filled to the brim with meaning and synchronicity and then other periods where existence feels like one big meaningless cosmic joke. Both polarity points are important learnings for you. The middle path is that life and your storyline in it is a blank page, upon which you can create and live by your own meaning. 

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